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    European Juggling Convention 2014 (Ireland)

    hey Guys, as you or may not know the European Juggling Convention (the largest juggling convention in the world) is taking place in Ireland this year, 19th-27 of July (a week or 2 before euros). here is the website so are any of you guys coming? would be awesome to...
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    Cambridge Open 2013

    I better start getting stuff organised before my exam results come out on the 10th of june... Soooooo, where are ost people staying? who can i share with/wants to share with me? Oh and yeah, your probably best to contact me on facebook or on this thread (dont message me on this or i probably...
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    been out of the scene for a while, so what are the trending cubes for each event?
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    Northern Irish Open 2013

    I'll share :) if possible we could look for a triple room and find a third person( even cheaper :D ) ?
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    Northern Irish Open 2013

    Can we do 6 and 7 if we find time throughout the weekend and someone is willing to judge?
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    The Juggling Discussion thread

    who are the juggling people i should subscribe to on youtube you who post good content/ post semi frequently? also, what are some impressive looking 3 club tricks? i can juglle 3 clubs consistantly and can do doubles 70% of the time?
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    Northern Irish Open 2013

    what rail company is use in the north? I wanna see which would be cheaper flying to belfast and getting the train or train-ing the whole way. Also, Any idea if an irish student card works up there?
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    Northern Irish Open 2013

    Cool, I'll b going obviously
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    Accomplishment Thread

    OH number of times: 50/50 best time: 17.58 worst time: 28.23 current avg5: 22.76 (σ = 1.60) best avg5: 21.13 (σ = 2.17) current avg12: 22.87 (σ = 1.24) best avg12: 22.17 (σ = 1.60) session avg: 23.20 (σ = 1.49) session mean: 23.14 no pb's but still a decent avg
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    UK Open 2012

    BTW whoever it was aking about an F2, I've got a black and a white one, if you want to buy either let me know. so, friday were meeting in the canteen below the university library at half 3ish?correct?
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    UK Open 2012

    Rob, I'm borrowing that pyraminx if you dont mind, and we're not in the same group, thanks :)
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    Height vs. Age vs. Speed

    age: 18 gender: male height: 6'1" 3x3: 16/17
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    Accomplishment Thread

    pyraminx: all of them are pb's except the avg of 5 times: 100/100 best time: 4.45 worst time: 14.14 current avg5: 8.73 (σ = 0.90) best avg5: 7.80 (σ = 0.79) current avg12: 8.93 (σ = 1.18) best avg12: 8.45 (σ = 0.88) current avg100: 9.20 (σ = 1.08) best avg100: 9.20 (σ = 1.08)
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    Dayan Megaminx I

    any news on if the ridged version is legal yet?
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    Edinburgh Open 26-27th January 2013

    I'd like to go, that is, if its not too near to exam times in university and if I have money of course...