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    2020 Forum Awards!

    Just a reminder, DON’T @ people in your posts (eg @BenChristman1). It causes a lot of notifications for everybody!
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    2020 Forum Awards!

    First, the post you quoted has literally nothing to do with your post. Second, UWRs are very different from WRs.
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    Favorite non-cubing Youtube channels?

    The non-cubing channels I’m subbed to are: Bari S (saxophonist), Black Gryph0n (cover singer and impressionist), Grian (Minecraft), Highlight Heaven (football highlights), Jxmy Highroller (basketball), Lyon Bros (high school band kids), Marc Martel (basically Freddie Mercury but not), Marques...
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    2020 Forum Awards!

    You don’t have to fill out all of them. These are the final awards, but (if we do it again) me and @ProStar will look back at this thread for ideas for next year.
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    2020 Forum Awards! Best Thread: +1 for Upcoming Puzzles Best New Member: brododragon Best Profile Picture: PingPongCuber Best Signature: brododragon Best Debater: BenChristman1 Most Helpful Member: pjk Funniest Member: brododragon Funniest Post: +1 for Greatest Return From a Hiatus: Sub1Hour Most...
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    I completely forgot about that. :eek:

    I completely forgot about that. :eek:
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    Just a little 3x3 survey.

    PB: 10.34 Primary method: CFOP Secondary method(s): Petrus, LBL Number of algs you know: ~200 for all puzzles, only ~70-80 for 3x3 Your main cube: Dayan Tengyun v2 M When you started cubing: February 2018 What's more useful, color neutrality or method neutrality?: CN Right now, on a scale of...
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    Irrational Cubing Friend Thread

    This is kind of how I started cubing. In 6th grade, cubing was very popular, but I’m the only one that stuck with it. A bunch of us bought $25 Gan Air’s, while some just used the Rubik’s brands they had laying around their house. The fastest anyone ever got besides me was a PB of 38 seconds.
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    Probability Thread

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    Find out the top5 cubers of all time

    Yeah, I forgot about him.
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    I don’t think you realize how much responsibility Presidents have, along with the fact that he...

    I don’t think you realize how much responsibility Presidents have, along with the fact that he was going to 3-4 rallies every day in the week or 2 before Election Day (because that’s when people should be voting).
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    Upcoming puzzles

    My point is that you can’t get rid of events only based on length. In fact, you have to have a variety of lengths to make different events interesting. Cupstacking is no fun to watch, because anybody reasonably fast will do every event in under 10 seconds.
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    Upcoming puzzles

    Everybody knows DRL should hold the Feet WRs, and it also eliminates the opportunity for new up-and-coming cubers to break records. Big blinds and FMC take longer than 6 and 7, so should we get rid of those? The thing is that there are people who practice and enjoy those events, so the WCA...
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    Cubing in school

    That’s never happened to me. I learned all of square-1 CO and CP during my (online) Geometry class last week.
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    Upcoming puzzles

    Because there are a lot of people who like those events, and I feel like it’s not right to strip people of their records.