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    [Unofficial] megaminx solve 1:49.22

    it's nice to hear that you have such time even after 1 week of playing. :) i'm looking for a MF8, but for now i'll be using a pvc minx from c4u. :)
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    [Unofficial] megaminx solve 1:49.22

    @ajmorgan25: i've been speedsolving the megaminx for about a month. :) i need to improve. chinaminx turns crappy, so i need to buy a new one. maybe a pvc.
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    [Unofficial] megaminx solve 1:49.22

    @salt: thanks man! :)
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    [Unofficial] megaminx solve 1:49.22

    hi! this is my first megaminx solve that was caught on tape. been using chinaminx. :) any advice, comments and suggestions is highly appreciated. thanks! :D *it seems that there's a problem loading the video. so here's the link...
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    [Unofficial] Megaminx Solve in 1:29.22 Simon Westlund

    thanks simon! :) i'll play more with my chinaminx. :)
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    [Unofficial] Megaminx Solve in 1:29.22 Simon Westlund

    nice solve. btw, what have you done to your chinaminx that it turns so good? my chinaminx is so stiff. i have replaced the screws with a c4u screw set+springs. p.s. my fingertips becomes swollen everytime i play with my chinaminx. :(
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    FS: Meffert's-like megaminx, Type F, ES 4×4

    hey! im from the philippines. how much would the shipping cost? i want the square-1.
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    [Unofficial] Dan Cohen avg5 1:16.73

    wow! so amazing! :) go for sub-1! :)
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    [Unofficial] My First BLD Video

    This is my first ever BLD video. I was so nervous that I can't concentrate on my memo and recall (not to mention the noisy background). **I use 3 cycle for the EO, CO, and EP. Then I do 2 cycle for the CP. :D This is not my best time though. Now, I'm planning to transfer to M2. :p I'm still...
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    My Cubes!

    nice collection you have there! ;)
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    hello everyone! im basil acuzar from the philippines. im 18 years old and i do speedcubing (obviously) :D i've been speedcubing for almost a year now. my current average for 3x3 is sub-20 (been stuck with that for about 2 months now), 4x4: sub1:40 minutes (needs improvement for edge pairing)...