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    Non-Cubers say the darndest things!

    They knew all but PLL.
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    New speedcuber, what is my next step?

    Although many people can progress fast on all fronts simultaneously, my personal progression was a follows: - Cross. Try to figure this out on your own. It's still the hardest step for me, as I try to solve the cross without planning ahead properly during inspection. A good cross strategy...
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    Does cube size really matter?

    LingYun size is the perfect size for me. GuHong/ ZhanChi is too big and feels uncomfortable. Mini-size is just a waste of time IMO...
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    [Discussion Thread] Music and cubing

    It shouldn't be allowed IMO. I agree that it's important to be able to focus during a comp, but said focus should be attainable without a "crutch".
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    Bapao's cube givaway!

    I would have to second No Prayer by Zeds Dead as my favorite ;)
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    Bapao's cube givaway!

    @Windsor Having fun listening to the tracks in your list bro. Thanks for posting that :)
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    Bapao's cube givaway!

    Sorry BOS, still need to send the cubes. Unexpected events have been keeping me from sending them thus far. They're boxed up and ready to go but I still need a free moment to send them. I only have a 5 hour window on Saturdays because of work so I'll be sure to post them coming weekend, promise...
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    Bapao's cube givaway!

    Kirjava says r B'RBR'UR'U' r' URU'RB'R'B
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    What Dayan cube do you prefer?

    Yeah, the ZhanChi is a weird one. I love it but then again, I don't...
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    Bapao's cube givaway!

    I'd just go back and fix your wings until you have this: And then do (Rr)2 B2 U2 (Ll) U2 (Rr)' U2 (Rr) U2 F2 (Rr) F2 (Ll)' B2 (Rr)2 But hey, I suck at 4x4x4, I'm sure there's a quicker solution.
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    What Dayan cube do you prefer?

    LingYun V1.
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    Black plastic or white plastic?

    There may be a small difference between the plastic used in black or white cubes in terms of how a cube performs, but I feel the difference is negligible for the average cuber as myself. The whole "Force Cube" farce put the subject back into the spotlight briefly, but I don't think black vs...
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    If Fridrich weren't invented, what method would you use?

    I'd be using the Peel Off Stickers method aka POS. Did not get on well with ROUX or Petrus.
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    ZhanChi weirdness?

    I keep thinking about the lube test badmephisto did. He needed a hammer to crack open some of those cubes during the test...You could pour a bucket of Lubix(silicone oil) over a cube but wouldn't need to use brute force to get it turning again...and it lasts longer. I stopped using aerosols...
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    ZhanChi weirdness?

    You'll use aerosol lubes if it's all you can get ahold of. I did for a while. You could use sewing machine oil instead though (Maru lube). The additives that make the aerosol lubes "spay able" and smell "nice", can soften the plastic and make it spongy and porous. If I recall correctly, then...