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    Does a "perfect cube" exist?

    I would say no. Technology is always advancing, so if a new plastic innovation comes out, or Gan does something else revolutionary, we'd have to see.
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    WDC's Digest: Turkish Delegate Physically Assaulted a Competitor

    I mean, what can I say? This. Is. Insane.
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    300 Algs in 300 Days - The Good and the Bad

    Well, good luck to you. I tried learning OLL and PLL in 6 months and gave up after a while. But I hope you succeed!
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    Cubicle Australian Bush Fire Cube Logos

    Well, I got an email from the cubicle and they made a cube logo for the Australian Bush Fires! When I got home I ordered them immediately and got the ones I liked. (Koala, Platypus, and Kangaroo) I got them all in a circular form and got an extra koala for my Gan XS. They come in Cockatoo...
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    The Definition of Color Neutrality

    So I was wondering whether color neutrality was defined as: "the ability to solve a cross on all different colors" or "the ability to distinguish a color scheme without any point of reference." An example of these concepts is that I can't do the Yau method on 4x4 color neutral, which most people...
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    [Help Thread] Slow YJ MGC 6x6

    So this Christmas I got the YJ MCG 6x6 and as a new 6x6 solver I dunno if anyone else has this problem. My cube's innermost layer is really sluggish and won't speed up whatever I do. I lubed the entire using Chris Olson's method of lubing the 5x5. The only change I made is that I also put weight...
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    New GAN puzzles

    if u have the money then sure, otherwise u can make do with the X
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    Best Budget 3x3s of 2019 (Comparison) ft. Tingman

    Though this was a very high-quality video I think that your choice of budget cubes was very lack-luster. What about the Yulong V2? What about the Thunderclap V3? Not trying to hate, just questioning the choices of cubes...
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    Cubing on youtube is over with COPPA

    So I haven't read all of these (cuz its four pages long and I'm rly tired), but here are my thoughts. People like JR and CrazyBad will have to figure out other ways to make money because their main source of income is from their channels. The problem with COPPA is that the judgment of whether a...
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    [Hypothetical] What's the most ridiculous thing you could think of doing at a competition?

    Having everyone at the comp break as many regs so there would be no official results and still have the comp registered on the WCA
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    New GAN puzzles

    So I've had the cube for a few weeks now and Honestly it's the best cube from gan. Its really light so u can solve on it multiple times without getting tired. It's cheaper than the X and better than it so it's worth its price, abs its super fast. Keep doing stuff like this gan.
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    My Journey In Full CFOP

    First off, it isn't that hard, you just have to be committed. Using beginner's method I got down from a minute to 30 sec. Next, I have the doc that I will be posting all logs on, and I just finished the next log. Here it is...
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    Gan air sm problem

    Had same problem with my old SM, and didn't do anything to the magnets. Luckily only one of them were defective
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    New GAN puzzles

    Its 100% worth it considering its actual cheaper than the X
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    New GAN puzzles

    Lol, got my GAN XS two days ago and when i pick up my YJ MGC 2x2 its still heavier