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    [WR] Lucas Etter - 4.90 3x3 single!

    I'm quite late to the party but big congrats! OLLCP - is this a new cool thing to do? I have to look into this :)
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    Badmephisto's algorithms iPhone app (free download!)

    damn! I was afraid of that :D and yes the revenue was a few thousand over ~4 years. App developers only get to keep 70% of all revenue.
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    Badmephisto's algorithms iPhone app (free download!)

    Yay, RE: this thread from 2010. I wanted to mention that the Badmephisto app is now free. My original motivation for $1 value was to cover the costs of my Apple developer certificate which is a yearly fee of $100, and my website (which still sees thousands of views per day) host/domain costs...
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    doh! I was convinced by Felix and kclejeune and immediately went ahead and bought an Aolong, but it's a black one so I think it defaults to V2. This V1 advice comes too late! Maybe if I get another batch later :) Thanks obelisk Felix and kclejeune!
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    Hey all, my old Rubik's cubes are kind of falling apart so I wanted to get a new nice 3x3 to play with. I've checked the wiki and browsed some posts, but I wasn't able to find any recommendations on what is currently considered to be the best 3x3 by most people. Is there such a thing? Help...
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    [MarcelP] Last Layer trainer

    nice, v2 looks good! I still really want to see this as a webapp though, sorry! :D You can do everything here in Javascript, this doesn't even have to have any server attached to it. Though, I think you once mentioned keeping track of these statistics for users over multiple sessions, in which...
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    In a relationship?

    Well, I didn't teach her the entire time. I think she actually only had about 3 hours practice total (over 3 sessions) before she was able to do intuitive cross+F2L by herself. It's fairly fast I suppose... not sure if she's really smart or if I'm really good :D
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    [MarcelP] Last Layer trainer

    This looks really sweet! Looks similar to my OLL/PLL trainer but bigger/better. Have you thought of porting something like this to browser and Javascript? EDIT: Also, any chance of keeping track of the average times on per-case basis?
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    <<Big PC gamer. Played ton of Counter Strike in older days, Starcrafts, Diablos, World of Warcraft (~150 days total game time :S), Call of Dutys, Half-Lifes, lot of TF2, Skyrim (and related), etcetcetc. Oh and Tetris.
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    In a relationship?

    In a ~1month old relationship and currently teaching my girlfriend how to solve the cube-- so far she can do up to F2L intuitive. She doesn't know anything about my cubing identity or videos... lol
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    [Unofficial] My Mother's Day Video Badmephisto Style!

    pretty awesome! I like the ending, nicely done.
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    How many people have you taught?

    In videos, probably 100+ .In real-life, maybe 5? ... and all of them were female. >.< hi 5!!!
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    Revamped OLL section in alg database

    /facepalm .If you want an algorithm database, I can dump cube-explorer generated solutions to every single case for you. You will have thousands and thousands of them, why not put them all up? It's a database! I suggest a separate page where only the most common algorithms are listed. In most...
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    "How to Solve a Rubik's cube for MIT graduates"

    Thanks these are great answers and great ideas, I'll check them out. I should comment that I was only half joking in topic description. I just basically want a video on a method to solve the cube that requires no algorithms whatsoever. The argument then is that if you learn to solve it this...
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    Badmephisto: "Beginners: Standardize your cross (and other stuff too)"

    Hah thanks stachu for posting this, I guess? Thank you all for nice comments, especially from a fellow educator Chris :) (hi!) @goatseforever: :( fun fact: That video has footage from a span of time of about 5 months :) You can maybe see more wrinkles on my hands at the end! (But hopefully...