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    How addicted to cubing are you?

    i scramble and solve a cube when i am bored the end
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    LOL i remember that loool creeped me out the first time :D ladies and gentlemen, i give you weird: "Deep in the forest lived Billy and his charming companions. They peacefully honed their bodies and listened to music there. But a wave of development came upon the forests. One who would turn...
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    Why do they have so many weird commercials?!! I mean...I just saw two half naked men chasing after someone in a steam roller and one of them took off their underwear...which revealed a baby face and fired a pink laser which blew up the steam roller... ._.
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    I am a troll!

    so i met a guy with a sexy mustache online.
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    I am a troll!

    the swine flu is a guy.
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    The "I quit / pause / return / change / etc." thread

    welcome back men. how have you been? :o
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    Please ignore dumbassery contained within.

    i dont care because im a dumbass.
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    Cube4You D.I.Y 3x3x3 or Maru 4x4x4?

    I'd switch it up and get a Maru 4x4. In my opinion, any 3x3 can be a good 3x3, but its hard to find a good 4x4...not really, but you know what I mean! :p
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    Favourite (music) Artist?

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    遙遠的東方 遼闊的邊疆 還有遠古的破牆 前世的滄桑 後世的風光 萬里千山牢牢接壤 圍著老去的國度 圍著事實的真相 圍著浩瀚的歲月 圍著慾望與理想(叫嚷) 迷信的村莊 神秘的中央 還有昨天的戰場 皇帝的新衣 熱血的纓槍 誰卻甘心流連塞上 朦著耳朵 那裡那天不再聽到在呼號的人(像呼號神) WOO AH WOO AH AH AH 朦著眼睛 再見往昔景仰的那樣一道疤痕 WOO AH WOO AH AH AH 留在地殼頭上 無冕的身軀 忘我的思想 還有顯赫的破牆 誰也衝不開 誰也拋不低 誰要一生流離浪蕩
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    $900 in puzzles!?!?

    This could be you, just think about it. ;D
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    So how do you eat your Ramen?

    me thinks that is a japanese fish cake.
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    $900 in puzzles!?!?

    Rubik's cube tattoo? Get yakuza tattoo.