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    I got a 4x4 and I was wondering why there is parity on any cube.
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    [Help Thread] Speed Drop

    A few days again I was timing and I was getting all low 20 secs and today I have started timing and keep getting low 20 secs and low 30 secs. Any ideas on how to stay at one speed range? (ON 3X3)
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    [Help Thread] F2L Discussion and Help

    F2L I am wanting to learn full f2l. Since spring break started today I was going to start. What pace should I learn the algs?
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    [Help Thread] F2L Discussion and Help

    First Two Layers Help Hello, I am a intermediate cuber that currently uses keyhole f2l and 2 look oll and pll. I was wanting to improve my time by improving my f2l. Does any one have a suggestion on what f2l to learn or anything? (Most solves are 30-50 secs)