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    Music City Fall 2017 - Nashville, TN (September 15 - 16)

    Hey everyone! I'll be holding the fourth Music City Speedsolving competition on September 15 - September 16 with Jacob Ambrose as my delegate. Friday Events: FMC - 1 attempt 3x3 w/ Feet - 1 round 3x3 Multi-blind - 1 round Saturday Events: 3x3 - 3 rounds 4x4 - 2 rounds 6x6 - 2 rounds 3x3 BLD -...
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    Overland Park Open 2017

    Glad to know I'm still relevant after two years lol
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    [Official] 2:19.87 6x6 Solve - Aussie Greene

    This took place at Rocket City 2017. I almost won 6x6, but another round was added on. This seemed like a great start to round 2, but I got an internal pop in the following solve and it screwed up my mean. Regardless, I'm very happy with my times, and especially this solve. My single is...
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    [Official] 2:29.99 6x6 Mean of 3 - Aussie Greene

    I got some really good times at Music City Speedsolving 2017! I average 2:40, so this somewhat sub-2:30 mean was a huge surprise to me! I only have my last solve of the mean (2:28.90), but it was my best solve. Here is my full mean: 2:29.37, 2:31.70, 2:28.90 = 2:29.99 Hopefully my next step is...
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    Music City Speedsolving 2017

    Hello everyone! After more than a year since the last competition, Music City Speedsolving is finally returning! Date: Saturday, March 11, 2017. Events: 3x3 | 3 rounds 4x4 | 2 rounds 5x5 2x2 3x3 w/ Feet Skewb 6x6 | 2 rounds Kilominx [UNOFFICIAL] Site...
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    Athens Fall Late Night 2016 - October 8th - Athens, Georgia

    This sounds like such a great idea! I'm a night person too. I doubt I'll be able to come, my family is going to Atlanta just a week before the competition and I don't think they're willing to come back again just a few days later. :( I'll still try to come, though.
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    [Official] 2:30.82 6x6 Solve - Aussie Greene

    I'm really happy with this solve. I averaged around 2:50 by the day of the competition and I definitely wasn't expecting a sub 2:40, let alone a 2:30! As of right now, this is the second best 6x6 solve I've ever had. This was done at Athens Summer Omega 2016.
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    Non-3x3 events

    As long as a competition has 6x6, I'll be fighting to go. 3x3 or no 3x3. I guess if I were to pick 3 non 3x3 events, I'd choose 6x6, 7x7 and 5BLD. Not that I would compete in 5BLD, it's just interesting to watch.
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    Athens Summer Omega 2016 (ALL WCA EVENTS -1) [Athens, GA]

    Finally got the green light from my parents meaning I'm able to go to the competition! I'm so hyped for the confirmed two rounds of 6x6 and that it's a two day competition!
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    Alpharetta Open 2016 (Milton, GA)

    No promises, but I think I will be organizing another one this September. Hope it works out! If anyone cares, I uploaded my best 6x6 single from the competition.
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    Alpharetta Open 2016 (Milton, GA)

    9 out of 10 of my first two round solves were 16.xx, including a 16.00. I couldn't break the 16 second barrier which was unfortunate, but at least I got a decent average. For 6x6, I did get a sub 2:55 mean but not a sub 2:40 single. I did get two sub 2:50's, though. I'd like to thank you guys...
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    Alpharetta Open 2016 (Milton, GA)

    I can't remember if I've done goals yet, but if I have, it was a long time ago. 3x3: I don't care too much, but sub 14 single and sub 18 average would be nice. 6x6: Sub 2:55 mean, sub 2:40 single.
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    Tony Fisher's Impossible 1 x 5 x 5 Cuboid

    I wanted so badly for this to be legit. :(
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    US Nationals 2016 - July 29 - 31, Portland, Oregon

    I'm signed up and couldn't be anymore excited!! :) 6x6ers, watch out because another spot in the finals has just filled up! Haha, just kidding. It'd be a dream come true if I could make the cutoff for the 6x6 finals, but looking at the psych sheet, it seems it will be the most competitive year...
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    How loudly do you react to PBs?

    6x6: 9 3x3: 5 Any other event: 1 - 4