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    ideas for a new form of U.S. currency?

    Monopoly Money ;)
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    Woo! Lovely prises! You shall defo be getting some business from me!
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    Google Wave

    Anychance someone could hit me up with an invite? ash.summers(a) , thanks.
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    Lol Email my mom sent me

    Awww. She loves you:)
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    Full PLL is killing me!

    I didn't remember the actually sequence. I remembered what the cube looked like when performing it. If you get what I mean? Like, 3 moves through the cube looks like this, 5 moves like this...but this will only come with practise.
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    UK Open 2009

    Everyone else get the email? Semi Final is announced woo! I doubt I'll get in anyway but at least I'll have a chance now.
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    UK Open 2009

    I'd love a semi final! Give me a chance to possible get more than one average in :D
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    UK Open 2009

    Oh damn ;). Does someone want to look after me in my first comp?:D
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    UK Open 2009

    What average do you think you will need to get into the 3x3 final?
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    The Eastsheen 4x4x4 Cores...

    For PLL parity, you can have two edges swapped or two corners swapped, meaning more than one algorithm.
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    Leave my failure alone :)
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    [Unofficial] 10.44 average of 5

    Nope, I'm pretty sure that it's just your super human hands :p This is actually awesome. You make me feel inadequate.
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    Hey everyone, I love bacon!

    Does anyone else use the Bacon method?
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    Stunt Cubing

    BLD while being waterboarded?

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