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  • There was a silicone spray that was meant for treadmills that one of my friends used. it totally screwed his cube up. If you are willing to take the risk, you can try out the one you found. I would however, recommend Cyclo Silicone Spray as it is a tried and tested lubricant and we know it won't damage our cubes.

    Try out the one you found on some random cube (don't use it on your main) and wait for a few weeks to see how the plastic reacts. If it works, well and good. Otherwise, you can use the spray around your house so it isn't a waste :)

    In general, avoid lubes that use organic solvents. They tend to eat away at the cube's plastic and end up melting them. You can use this to your advantage, however. If you have a REALLY tight cube, you can spray in some WD - 40 or Zorrikk 88 to melt the excess plastic. But remember to wipe it off completely so as to not damage the structure of your puzzle.
    I got it at a shanty little auto parts shop in Kandivali. Cyclo is quite hard to find man!
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