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    Australian Cube Shops

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    Yep, I knew someone would notice
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    [Member Intro] Very new to cubing...

    Most people first buy a budget cube, to avoid overshooting on turning. And if it's not your thing then you paid 62 bucks for nothing. For a beginner I would recomend the MF3RS2. Since you have enough money (I think) I don't it's a problem. I just wanted to mention
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    New Terms for Common Triggers?

    I know U R U' R' is the reverse Sexy move but I think it should be called the Sexier move
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    My 3D pen drawing: SpongeBob Cube

    that's sick. When it's scrambled it looks like the shows intro:
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    no, csTimer looked through his webcam and saw a +2 that @1001010101001 didn't count. Now csTimer is planning something evil against him
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    What the heck

    Since when.....what Sorry if this is old news but I just saw this
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    Burn your monitor.
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    4x4 and parity for fairly new cubers

    OLL and PLL are for more advanced cubers, and has 78 algorithms. I would just solve the cube and recognize the cases for the parity.
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    One-Answer Software Question Thread

    I made my own 4x4 method, but there are some cases that I don't know the algorithms for? Does someone know a website or app for this. I have iOS.
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    When was Tony Fisher born?

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    [Member Intro] Hello

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    [Member Intro] Hello

    Has the Gan 356 x already arrived?
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    Questionable results?

    Could you send his wca account?
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    [Help Thread] Is my cube / puzzle a dud?

    here’s a photo