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    What parts of your solving style are you proud of?

    Proud of: Lookahead with CFOP Getting 20 seconds nonlucky single with CFOP after not using it for ~3 months (kinda off-topic...) Forcing skips -skills Not proud of: Bad lookahead with blockbuilding methods Sometimes overcomplicated crosses
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    Random Cubing Discussion

    Okay, thank you. I recognized some Java code, but it was neither Eclipse nor Netbeans :P
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    Random Cubing Discussion

    I hope you will excuse my curiosity; but what IDE is this?
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    Method Help

    What is it with you and ZB?!
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    [WR] 3x3x3 average 7.64 Feliks Zemdegs

    Anyone who read Stachu's thread will know what Zeroing is.. Utilising it is a different challenge however!
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    [Unofficial] [begginer cuber] sub50 solve, roux method

    Well, I wasn't basing that statement purely on my times, but on many things that have gone through my head the last days. Am considering posting my thoughts, ala Stachu's rantings. Secondly, I don't see why you can't compare the two like that. Even though I can often do the first block in ~8...
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    [Unofficial] [begginer cuber] sub50 solve, roux method

    Well I think Roux is better in theory, but ZZ is easier in practice. I did some solves earlier today with EOLine and 1st block already solved and it was something like: 25 sec. ZZ. 27 sec. Roux.
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    [Unofficial] [begginer cuber] sub50 solve, roux method

    Well I fear I might be switching in the same way that i switched to Petrus, then CFOP, back to Petrus. Tried Heise, did some Roux, back to Petrus, experimented with ZZ, back to Roux. Decided I would stay with Roux, but am now pretty intrigued by ZZ. ZZOMG!
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    How do you turn [F] without regripping? It slows me down quite a bit.
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    [Unofficial] [begginer cuber] sub50 solve, roux method

    The only method my lookahead doesn't suck with is ZZ. I'm so considering switching. On topic: Nice solve. Did you start with a blockbuilding method? I think not enough people do.
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    Random Cubing Discussion

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    Suggestions needed for rapid improvement

    5BLD, "The blockbuilding advocate"
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    The obligatory blockbuilding post: Great to see more cubers and welcome to the forums :) Before you move on from the beginners method to something more advanced, be sure to have checked all possibilities Try out Roux, Petrus, ZZ and CFOP/Fridrich before deciding. The SpeedSolving wiki has good...
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    Blockbuilding encouragement needed.

    I'll rephrase: Thanks, I need to find out how to use commutators first, though :S Joke aside, I was going to do it now, but then I realized you could hex edit the keyboard on my Nokia 5800, so just changed it to Colemak. Took some time, but totally worth it. Am now trying to find the file...