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    [Member Intro] Hello!

    Thanks for the enthusiasm, and I hope so
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    [Member Intro] Hello!

    I think "What kinds of puzzles have you ruined" is a better question. I am very new to it and have only really messed about with puzzles
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    Puzzle Mod / Modding thread

    I would like to create a 3x3 modification, but have little ideas, resources and knowledge. I have been massively inspired by the incredible things people can make and would like to replicate that. Any advice?
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    [Member Intro] Hello!

    Recently, I got into cubing. My best event is 2x2 as I have a pb of less that 2 seconds (it was a 4 move scramble). I like 3x3 the most but other events are nice too. I have been interested in obscure puzzles and shape modding and joined this forum so I could receive help from a group of people.