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    [Help Thread] F2L Discussion and Help

    His best official average is 9.58, and his official PB is 8.28. You can click on his WCA page right below his name.
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    [AsR] 3x3- Leo Borromeo 6.37 average and NR 5.12 single

    This guy is absolutely insane! The fourth best 3x3 average in the world at age 11 haha
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    How the 3.47 WR changes cubing

    But has there ever been a sub-25 move WR? Seems kinda rare to me :) Feliks has had a 13.4 TPS solve from 2 years ago: And it would not surprise me if one of the top cubers has already managed to get a 14 TPS solve off camera. But yeah, I completely disagree with your theory about a sub 1.5...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Good luck :)
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    [ER] WR2 5BLD 3:42.25 - Grigorii Alekseev

    Very impressive! Congratulations man, you're insanely fast.
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    Any cubers with skype or discord?

    I don't have either, but there's a large Discord group for cubers already if you're unaware:
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    [WR] Vicenzo Guerino Cecchini - Square-1 6.73 Average & 5.00 Single

    Wow... His previous best average was 8.88. This is a 2 second improvement on his official PB lol. Congrats to him! Edit: Also RIP Derpy.