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    csTimer released

    Funny, same thing happened to me today. I tried clearing cookies, all sorts of settings, blah blah blah, only to find that closing the tab and opening it in a new tab makes dialogue boxes appear again. Also, I don't go on ss much so I'm not entirely sure this is the correct place to put this...
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    Moyu Aochuang Review

    Here is my review of the Moyu Aochuang! :D Great cube Review of the Moyu Pyraminx and YJ Guanlong coming soon!
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    Prisma Puzzle Timer Requests

    Skewb Scrambles pls
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    [WCA Regulations 2014] Logos and Stickers

    1) I think keeping logos on 2x2 is fine. It's somewhat unnecessary having everyone take the logos off, and I think that if there have been more than a few cases where people have been cheating, I think that rules should be enforced. 2)I have no idea about parity with BLD because I don't do BLD...
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    MoYu Ling Po 灵魄 2x2x2 Speed Cube

    Id like to be a tester! [email protected] PB Ao5: 3.24 PB single: .88
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    Team USA Jackets! (Read the first post)

    Count me in. Size large, with DAVANI on the back :D