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    Death Magnetic

    I like old Metallica stuff, but "the day that never comes" is alright, but not the best. One is awesome! :)
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    Growing Up!

    Generally, I think that's true. About a year ago I just started getting really hungry and started eating a lot. My appetite in the past few months has jumped up even more I think. And I think I grew about 3 inches this past year. My weight has gone up too, but not really rapidly at all. I've...
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    [Unofficial] Syuhei Omura (RU')63

    19.40 is my best after 5 or so tries. I average more like 20-22.
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    Growing Up!

    @Stefan Mmmmm...that selfmade cereal sounds tasty. :)
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    Ummm.. uhhh.. you're not serious that you might try it right?:)
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    Fastest BLD DNF's

    Haha, yeah! Someone other than me thought of it! ;) A couple days ago I got a 52.9x DNF using freestyle. It wouldn't have been a PB, but it would have been sub minute freestyle. I think I got a 4x.xx success several months ago, but it was way lucky.
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    Weekly competition 2008-35

    I really have no time for cubing during the week anymore cause of school, so I'll do just a couple events when I have time. 2x2: 3x3: 3x3oh: 3x3bld:
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    [Unofficial] Daniël Hop (6 years old) Blindfold Solve

    Ummm, I think that's why he's asking, no?
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    Yes, I agree with that.
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    With freestyle.:p I also got a 52 DNF! I memo'd, but forgot to flip two edges. memo/execution split was really nice, 21/31! And it would have been non lucky too...:( Ville, I have a pretty good way of checking to make sure you haven't missed a cycle of wings. (Or any other piece type for that...
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    New 3x3x3 World Record - Rowe Hessler

    Wrong! If you had actually read the posts before me, you would realize he got a 59, not a 50.:p
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    1:10.97 3x3 blind! Two edges permuted, and two corners permuted but twisted. On the verge of lucky, but I don't think it is.
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    New 3x3x3 World Record - Rowe Hessler

    Congrats on the NAR Rowe! :)
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    9:00.29 4x4 blind for weekly contest 34 using wings commutators. I usually use freestyle corners, r2, and X center commutators, but I am going to now use wings commutators instead of r2. This was my first blindfolded try for wings comms. I thought I would be over 10 minutes, but I was actually...