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    New (?) Edge recognition method (Looking ahead into PLL from OLL)

    Very well written! I'd be interested in a similar write on ROLL. :)
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    Feliks Zemdegs: 1.80 Official 2x2 Average [Cape Town 2014]

    After 3 3x3 rounds... Feliks did not even get a single sup-9... Now THAT'S INSANE!
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    What should I work on to get sub 23 solves?

    More cubing and less manga/anime :P Another approach... would be to practice cross on bottom (very useful) and F2L lookahead (comes by solving the cube over and over).
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    Accomplishment Thread

    SO SUB-6 RELAY IS POSSIBLE!? Gogo you can do it!!
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    Montréal Fall 2014 (2 day comp)

    - I placed 3rd at Megaminx after picking my mega the day before the comp, for the first time in months? - I scrambled a 6x6 and a 7x7 for the first time of my life with Antoine? - ... and actually almost succeeded in matching the scramble at the first try? - ... then totally failed the others? -...
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    [Help Thread] 5x5x5 Discussion

    What are your approximate splits? (centers, first 8 tredges, last 4 tredges, and 3x3...) This might give us better ideas of suggestions.
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    US Nationals 2014 - Jersey City, New Jersey - August 1-3, 2014

    DYK... - Judas is now sponsored by Speedcubeshop ?
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    [Official] 5.25 Skewb Average

    Nice! But... no video?
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    Accomplishment Thread

    What song?!
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Wow awesome PBs!! Jk My accomplishment : with ZZ (my second method...) best avg100: 15.878 (σ = 1.97)
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    [Unofficial] 6.99 ao12

    I realllly like your turning style! And a reconstruction would also be awesome!
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Nice! You keep on improving!! Bit by bit, you're gonna get sub-20 :)
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    [WR] Antoine Cantin 12.56 OH Average

    Wooww! Finally!!!! You really deserve it!
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    [Unofficial] [Mattia Furlan] 8x8 UWR single: 5:01.37

    Those centers were reallllly nice!