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    My quest for Sub 8 Petrus

    Do you have a video of you solving anywhere, or would you make one? I'd love to see what your solves look like so I could give some guided suggestions :)
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    ZBLL Classroom: New Discord Server for ZBLL-Learners and Those Interested :)

    I've just created a new Discord server for people who are learning ZBLL (full or part of), are interested in learning ZBLL, already know ZBLL, or are just interested in ZBLL as a concept. I made it because I feel that I often need to ask a question or make a comment about ZBLL, but it doesn't...
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    [WR] Feliks Zemdegs - 5.53 3x3 average

    It's interesting that they round average times, but truncate single times. Is there a reason we still truncate times, other than the fact that all past times are to 2 decimal places? I track my PB's to 3 decimal places when possible...
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    Goals Thread

    Goal: Full Pi set of ZBLL, if not full ZBLL.
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    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    Ignoring the last cross move won't save many moves... it'll also require an extra rotation to bring it to the front before L5E. Also, while L5E's recognition isn't necessarily harder than EPLL, it's more move moves on average if I'm not mistaken. The biggie, though, is that the best Petrus...
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    Is there a full alg set for F2L-1 > Last Pair > 1LCPLS > EPLL? Or something similar?

    It's called WVCP. I don't think there's a full list of algorithms, but there would be a lot—around 1,000. This is assuming EO is solved.
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    Did you clean it out completely before re-lubing it? If no, try that. If yes, it's possible that...

    Did you clean it out completely before re-lubing it? If no, try that. If yes, it's possible that your cube "died". After many thousands of solves, a cube's plastic wears away to an extent where it starts becoming noticeably worse. This happened to my first Valk 3x3. About how many solves have...
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    One-Answer 3x3x3 Question Thread

    Depending on the tutorial, yeah! Knowing the algs is also useful in more advanced methods too.
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    [Help Thread] the cube seems sticky

    The only lubricant you should really ever use in a cube is lubricant meant for cubes, the exception being Traxxas lube. Anything on SpeedCubeShop, TheCubicle, or CubeDepot is good. Just clean out your thunderclap as best you can and then use real cube lube next time :)
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    One-Answer 3x3x3 Question Thread

    They're algorithms. Niklas: R U' L' U R' U' L Ani-Niklas: Just the inverse of Niklas. L' U R U' L U R'
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    Youtubers on the forum.

    I suppose I'm a YouTuber, but I don't upload often nor do I make cubing-related videos :p
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    What is your PB scramble?

    I got a 3.752 :p
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    World Record Predictions for the year 2030

    3x3: 2.09/4.25 2x2: 0.19/0.77 FMC: 15/18.00 OH: 4.50/6.8 MBLD: >=75 points At least one new WCA event, hopefully more.
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    Machine learning method generation plausibility.

    I think it would be difficult (but not necessarily impossible) for a machine to be able to tell the difference between a method that is good for human solving and one that isn't... interesting idea though!
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    Donated :)