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    [Review] YJ GuanLong 3x3x3

    mine just arrived today!! ordered from champion cube store 42 days ago :p (freeshipping, i'm at Indonesia) total is 2 dollars (cube+pouch) the cube is light, a bit too light for me, and small, slightly smaller than guhong, but the twist is nice, cutting corner is ok. overall, a pretty good...
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    Prisma Puzzle Timer

    so it means that i should let the onscreen keyboard floats above the timer while i'm solving? i think that it's pretty inconvenient... i believe that adding mouse trigger only add some lines like 3-4 lines in the code? i'm not sure, i'm just guessing.
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    Prisma Puzzle Timer

    super cool! full of features, i really like it :D but one question! can you add mouse clicks as the timer trigger? i'd like to use this timer with my custom 'stackmat' :D
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    [Help Thread] 2x2 Discussion and Help

    learn Ortega method!! It's only gives you 3 easy algs to memorize
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    4:32:59 3BLD m2/op :) memo: visual first bld solve ever with m2. this is the 5th try of this day :D still afraid to do comms for corners with my eyes closed.
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    [Indian NR] Kesava Kirupa 3x3 avg 9.76

    congrats! :D
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    An Idea to Make Memorization Phase More Efficient

    i think i got this. to execute as fast as possible before the information vanished from your mind? i'm sorrybut i'm really bad at expressing conclusion, but at least, i understood. thanks for correcting me :)
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    When was your first 3BLD success? pardon my reaction. i was 4 years ago :p OP/OP
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    An Idea to Make Memorization Phase More Efficient

    thank you for such positive feedback, Noah and tseitsei :) and yes i'm completely agree with you Noah. a fast memorization should be accompanied with fast execution, or it will be useless. i believe that this is what you mean? and about writing the memo items on paper and execute while looking...
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    An Idea to Make Memorization Phase More Efficient

    i know right, that's why i called this an idea :p i have not tried this yet, but i'm planning to do 2x2 bld with this idea, as it only involves corners... and i want to know if i can get <10 sec memo yeah, the goal is to able to get rid of the metronome and doing the memo like you've done...
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    An Idea to Make Memorization Phase More Efficient

    hello guys! in this writing i want to share about my idea in memorization. the idea came up when i realized that my memorization time is so long it could take 5 minutes eventhough i am using visual memo. and just a couple of days ago i found that letter-pair memo is really potential (i am...
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    One-Answer Other Question Thread

    can anybody tell me how do i put profile picture? well it seems easy but i cannot find any button about that in my profile. thanks before! EDIT: i found out how. canceled, thanks!
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    BH Tutorial

    thanks! 8/10
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    How can I mod Shengshou 2x2?

    Hello, I am a new member of speedsolving..I want to ask you how to mod shengshou 2x2..or maybe the right lube for it. I'm sorry if i'm go presumptuous.