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    Selling Collection, 20 Puzzles, Lube, Bags, Boxes, and More! (Must buy all, seeking $80, shipping included)

    Hello, I am selling most of my cubes, none of them are that new, however. I am only willing to sell the puzzles as one order, but there are 20 puzzles and more that you would be getting. I am only willing to ship the puzzles within the US, but I am including shipping in the price, which I am...
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    S-0, Designs of the Community (Next Puzzle Announcement!)

    Break was nice and all, but things are gonna likely be slow for the next few weeks too, sorry to say. The reason is that I am a dedicated member to my high schools FRC (first robotics) team, and the build season starts this Saturday, and lasts 6 weeks. Between that and the end of the semester...
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    Tempest 3V1 Development Thread (Hi)

    So yea, this is the stickered prototype, it has some slight catches from imperfections in the model itself (mainly corner/edge base connection not being perfect) plus I'm not that great of a cuber by any means, switching out the springs from weisu soft to maru reduced them. Sion will have this...
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    Replacement corner

    What country are you in? The cubicle does this but I'm guessing that it is the store you indicated
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    Cubicle Labs Premium Cubes

    Keyword: own...?
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    Cubicle Labs Premium Cubes

    The amount of innovation and discovery you have obtained is insane by experimenting with magnets, plus the fact of you saying that you're just getting started, the hype train is chugging hard for what may be to come
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    Cubicle Labs Premium Cubes

    Oooooooo, may I ask what printer at least? as it is a hobby of mine, and I'm currently prototypeing off of one for the tempest project.
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    [Help Thread] What do i do if my cube (QiYi thunderclap) pops and twists corners?

    The cube is too loose most likely, you should take off the center caps, which is hard to do on the thunderclap but easy enough, then just tighten everything up equally.
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    New to cubing

    In my opinion, the Qiyi sail is the best cube for cheap, the Qiyi thunderclap is also a really good option for most people, learn whatever you want to start, most people go from layer by layer to CFOP, because they are really similar. You said that your solves are 4-5 minutes, which makes me...
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    3x3 competition

    @DG? Lol
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    3x3 competition

    Only 3 scrambles? There should be 5 just because that's how stuff is done...
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    [Help Thread] Algorithm Memorization Discussion

    Just sit down and learn an alg or two per day, it isn't the fastest but it is easy, or you could just drill cases and algs if you really want
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    7x7x7 Talk - Is this an Aofu world?

    The cubic aofu is significantly better than the shengshou, and those are really the only two viable ish options
  14. Abo - High Quality Puzzles, Custom-Cut Stickers, Premium Lubricants & More!

    For the Qiyi sq-1, what is the current situation with factory cores and stripping. iirc, they changed the stock stuff so it shouldn't happen anymore, can anyone confirm or let me know what's up, thanks!
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    Cubicle Labs Premium Cubes

    Have you thought about sq-1 at all for making a special version? I found some magnets in my room and threw them in the slice layer, was pretty effective but I feel like if you worked hard enough to figure out a way to do the U and D layers with magnets, that still worked off of any orientation...

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