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    Mathematics Thread

    "How many times a day does a clock’s hands overlap?" Earlier today I saw the question "How many times a day does a clock’s hands overlap?". I thought this included the second hand. So I went and calculated a result. Apparently, just about everyone else on the internet took this question to mean...
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    6x6+ Blindfolded Rankings Thread

    Ahh, I see. Thanks, I was under the impression that the one's with unknown memo times just didn't time the memorization phase, and only the execution phase.
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    6x6+ Blindfolded Rankings Thread

    Shouldn't you have categories for Memo time, Execution time, and Overall solve time? For example, the "Solve" time of people with unknown memo times is just their execution time. However, it looks like to me, that the "Solve" time, of let's say Roman's 6x6 UWR, includes both the memo and...
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    Aaron from Connecticut

    Hey, I'm Aaron from Maine :P
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    Height vs. Age vs. Speed

    Age vs. Speed Height vs. Speed The only correlation I see, is in the age chart, the older subset, has nearly no "slow" cubers.
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    Which Z perm do you use?

    Wow, so I guess I am the only one who uses M' U2 M2' U2' M' U M2' U M2' (U2)?
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    L2 U2 F' L2 B' R2 F D2 B' R2 F' L R' F R2 D U' F' R D U2 4:01.984[1:37.464] 8 edge targets and 4 corner targets :p But I did have to remember 3 unoriented, but permutated correctly corners and 2 flipped edges. Still, I'm really happy about the time.
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread They only had like 15 black QJs in stock and 15 white ones. There are 160 of these in stock and are only 99 cents each. Only downside is that they are mini, and might not make as big of a mural.
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    Random Cubing Discussion

    M' U2 M2 U2 M' U M2 U M2 U2 Z-perm Just playing around and found this. Couldn't find it in the algorithm database. Anyone else use this or seen this Z-perm?
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    New PB with TuRBo edges and corners! U' B2 L2 B2 U F2 L2 F2 U B' L F L D R U' L' F U2 F' U2 6:24.378[2:56.178] No solved pieces and had parity! :D Didn't check over memo like I usually do, and tried to go faster on execution. 20 seconds faster than my other success with TuRBo edges and...
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    First success with TuRBo edges and corners! Also faster than any of the DNFs! 2 corners were solved, no edges were solved, and I had parity. F2 B2 D2 B' U B2 L' U F' U B2 L' U2 R' L2 U2 R2 U2 B2 D2 F 6:46.61[2:53.34] Edit: 6:46 is also only slightly slower than what I averaged with OP edges...
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    Blindfold Failures Thread

    So, I've switched from OP edges and Pre-Orient OP corners, to TuRBo edges and corners. Most solves I get the edges solved, but I have yet to get a non-DNF, mostly due to corners. TuRBo corners are tough to adjust to. My last solve, DNF8:39.209[4:51.099], was my fastest attempt with TuRBo, and...
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    So I have a Zhanchi and a Guhong V1. The Zhanchi is really smooth and sluggish, while the Guhong has been modded with the Godly Guhong mods and feels so light and fast. The only thing is the Guhong feels better on loose tensions, when it pops a lot. So what Dayan 3x3 is feels light and fast...
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    Suddenly you realize there is an easier way, and it was staring you in the face

    5x5 edge pairing. On the last 4 edges, I was performing 5 or 6 parities, and pairing pieces one at a time. I eventually realized how you could do a slice move, flip the tredge, and undo the slice move to pair the L4E. Before the realization, L4E took almost 1:30, after the realization, the...
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    Finished learning TuRBo corners. Now I know both TuRBo edges and corners. Goal: 5 BLD solves a day for the rest of summer.