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Chris Hardwick, Luis J. Iáñez elected to the WCA Board

On July 4, 2016, WCA Board Member Pedro Santos Guimarães announced the addition of two members to the WCA Board—Chris Hardwick (USA) and Luis J. Iáñez (Spain).

Chris Hardwick has perhaps been cubing longer than most active solvers have been alive. He created the predecessor to Speedsolving.com, the Yahoo! Speed Solving Rubik’s Cube Group in 2000, helping launch cubing’s revival. He has attended all World Championships since 2003, held numerous World Records and North American Records, and delegated competitions since 2008. He is also known for developing the BH method with Daniel Beyer for blindfolded solving, coming in second place for Nicest Member in the Forum Awards, and for sharing his name with Chris Hardwick.

Luis J. Iáñez is best known as the developer of Cubecomps, a tool that allows delegates and competition organisers to enter, publish, and revise competition results with ease. Luis is a member of the Asociación Española del Cubo de Rubik (AECR) and has delegated WCA competitions since 2014. His other contributions to the cubing community include being a main organiser for the 2016 European Championships, being on the WCA Software Team, and Twist The Web.