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New profile posts

I've been practicing 2x2 for a while now and I'm having trouble getting faster. I'm using Ortega and I average 5 seconds. I want to get sub 3 by June and don't know what direction to go in. If anyone can help me out please do.
I have rediscovered the joy of cubing. I first solved a 3x3 in 1980!!!. In order to increase the mobility and flexibility in my fingers and hands I've started again. I have 3 cubes (3x3, 4x4 and 5x5) - all Rubik's. Whilst the 3x & 4x are ok, the 5x is already suffering as it has stickers! - next step is a stickerless 5x5 + a 2x2. ATM I'm plodding through the beginner's solutions, trying to picture the moves.
I also advise you to buy better cubes from other brands, you'll see how much the hardware has improved in 4 decades!
what algs are you learning? i'm finishing vhls and will learn some wv (best cases) and coll (minus sune / as) next, and then magic wondeful. lots of algs to learn