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What cubes to magnetise

Oct 15, 2018
My thought there would be the MF3RS2 as well, but I confess, that's out of passing familiarity with the MF3RS2, and no familiarity with the Mojue. When I think of cubes that would benefit most from magnets, I think of the least stable ones -- the Yuxin Little Magic comes immediately to mind as a cube that benefits tremendously from magnets. I suppose, in your position, I'd be asking which cube's stability and precision bothered you the most.

I'm a magnetic cube believer -- speed isn't my thing, control is -- and so, when I think about "what cube needs magnets," the obvious answer for me is "the cube that I find needs better stability and control." I'd also ask myself how much I liked both of these cubes, and whether, if they were a little more stable, I'd really enjoy using them more. There's no sense in augmenting a cube that you don't like to work with, unless the only reason you don't like to work with it would be solved by the upgrade.

Think about what you want from these two cubes....what makes you happy about them, what you'd like to see improved in them, as suits your turning style and your cubing goals. Think about which cube(s), in your estimation, feel great as-is, and which one(s) really need stability and grippiness in alignment to feel great. The right cube to magnetize is, ultimately, the one that you feel needs what magnets bring to the table, and the one that you're not happy with, as-is.