Weekly competition 2009-16

Discussion in 'Forum Competitions' started by AvGalen, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. All current (new) scramblers from the WCA are used.
    • For all 3x3x3 events (including FMC) Cube Explorer was used to generate a random position and provide an inverse scramble (generator) for that position.
    • For all cubes > 3x3x3 (mediumcubes) a "w" means "Wide" so you turn not just the slice, but also the outer layer.
    • For all cubes > 5x5x5 (bigcubes) normally a subscript number indicates the amount of layers to turn like a wide turn. U32 would mean to turn the the U layer and the 2 layers beneath it (3 in total) a half turn. However, this forum doesn't support subscript, so I transform the default notation to "3U2" notation which also means "turn the 3 uppermost layers a half turn".
    • For Megaminx R and D are "double layer moves of the entire megaminx. The U moves are normal U moves, not "double layer" or cube rotations
    • For Square1 the new notation is not entirely clear about when to perform a slice/half-turn. I adjusted the scrambles so that no slice-turns are to be performed at the beginning or the end (unless the scramble begins or ends with (0,0))
    • Clock hasn't changed, but just so you know: UddU u=-1,d=5 would mean Up-Left-pin is Up, Up-Right-pin is Down, Down-Left-pin is Down, Down-Right-pin is Up and that you need to turn a corner that has its pin up rotated counterclockwise by 1 hour and that you need to turn a corner that has its pin down rotated clockwise by 5 hours
    • Pyraminx small letters are for the tips
    Just to make sure everyone understands: We follow the official WCA rules for all events. Here are some things that people often don't know:
    • For multiple blind you can choose how many cubes you are going to do (let me know if 15 scrambles is not enough). If you choose 5 cubes you have to use the first 5 scrambles.
    • For one-handed you can use both hands during inspection
    • For with feet you can only use feet during inspection
    • For 3x3x3 Fewest Moves there is a 1 hour time limit.
    • For relay you have 15 seconds of inspection in total, you can use any order to solve the cubes and the rest of the relay-rules should be obvious
    For every event you participate in you will be rewarded points. You will also be rewarded points according to your ranking. Because this is quite a complicated system you can read about it in this thread. The results of the competition will be available as soon as possible after the competition closes at the end of the thread.

    If you think other events should be added to this competition you can influence that in the 2008: Other events for Weekly competition thread

    This competition starts now and ends wednesday/thursday nightchange (officialy), but I will only close a competition after the new one is on-line. If a competition doesn't start at wednesday/thursday nightchange you still get the full 7 days to participate.

    1. R' U F' R' F2 R2 U2 F'
    2. R2 U' F2 U F' R2 F R2 F'
    3. R U F U F2 U F U' R
    4. U2 F' U' R2 F2 U' R'
    5. U2 F2 U F U' F U2 F'

    1. R2 D' F2 L2 R2 D B2 L2 U' B2 L2 U' F L' D' L D R2 F' U2 L'
    2. D2 F2 D' B2 D' R2 D2 B2 R2 D B' U2 R' F' D2 B' D U2 B2 R B2
    3. L2 B2 U B2 U2 B2 L2 D' F2 U2 L2 D B' D B U2 R U2 R' F' U'
    4. U2 L2 F2 U2 R2 U2 R2 U F2 D' F2 R B U' F' D2 R F2 R2 U' F2
    5. B2 L2 F2 D R2 F2 R2 B2 D' U' R' F' D L' F2 L' D' L2 B' U2 F2

    1. U F' L2 Uw U Rw2 B Fw' D' Uw U2 L D2 L2 D' U2 Rw' R2 B' U R F2 L' R B2 F R2 D B2 Rw' R U' B' Fw2 F' R' Uw2 Rw2 Uw Rw'
    2. Uw2 U' B2 F2 L Rw2 U2 Rw R' Fw F2 L2 Rw2 D' Uw R' Uw2 B' L Rw R2 D L D' Uw2 U2 Fw2 D2 Uw2 U' B2 F2 L2 D' L' Rw2 R2 Fw D L2
    3. Rw2 R U Fw' U' Rw' R' D Uw U R2 Fw2 Uw U' Fw' F2 R2 Uw U2 F2 L' D' Uw U' F2 Rw2 D' Uw2 U' L Rw' B' R' Uw B D Uw2 B' Fw Uw
    4. D2 Uw Rw B2 L2 Rw D2 Rw2 Uw' B2 L' R2 F R2 B' F D' Uw' U' L' Rw2 D Uw R' B' D' Uw Fw' F Uw' L' Rw2 R2 D R' Fw2 F L' Rw2 R'
    5. Fw F2 L' R' Fw F2 D' F' D' F2 D' L' Rw2 R B L2 R' Fw2 Uw2 L2 R' D2 L2 Rw Uw' F2 D2 Uw2 L2 U' R D2 R' B2 U' Rw2 U2 Rw' B2 F2

    1. L R F' R' Bw' F R2 F' Dw Uw' U Bw2 Fw2 Uw2 B' D2 Dw' Uw' U2 B' Bw' L' F D2 Uw2 Bw2 Fw L Bw' Fw' L Uw Fw2 Uw2 Bw' L R' Bw' Fw2 Rw R' Uw' B' Fw' D' Uw2 Lw' R D Dw2 L2 Lw U L Lw' Uw' Lw2 R' Bw' Fw'
    2. L2 R2 F2 Lw2 D Lw' Rw2 R2 B' U B' F Lw2 Rw B U Rw F' U2 Rw' U' Lw2 R F2 Lw2 R2 U2 B' Dw B Bw L Lw' Bw Fw Uw' L Lw2 Rw D Uw U' Fw' F2 Dw' U' L2 Fw Rw2 Fw' D2 Bw' Fw2 L' Fw2 L Rw D Uw2 U
    3. Dw2 Bw D2 B' D' Dw2 L2 F2 D' R Uw L2 B Bw2 Fw F D Dw' B' R' F' L2 Lw' Rw2 R Dw U2 Bw2 F L' U2 Bw2 F2 L Rw2 R' Fw2 Dw Uw U' L B' F' R2 Bw F' Lw' Dw' Uw' U B' Bw' Fw F L' D2 U Lw Fw' Rw2
    4. Bw' Dw' B Dw' L U2 L2 Bw Dw' L Lw Rw' D2 Dw' Lw' B' Bw2 F' L Rw2 Bw L' Lw2 Rw R2 Uw2 B Fw' U2 Lw Rw2 R' Bw' Fw2 U R F Rw F D' R' D Bw R' F' Lw2 D Dw2 L D2 U2 L Lw Rw R Bw R2 U' Fw2 Dw2
    5. D Uw U2 F' L' Rw R' D U Lw R2 B2 Bw2 D' Uw' U2 Fw2 L2 R' U' F2 R2 D' B' U Bw2 Fw' F' Lw R B' Fw2 Rw' B Fw' F D2 Dw2 Bw' Lw' B Dw2 Uw2 L2 B' Fw' F Uw R2 F' Lw' Dw Fw' L' D2 Uw Lw2 B Lw Rw'

    1. L2 2D' U L2 2L2 3R2 2R R2 D' 3R' R B 2B2 3F 2F2 F' 3R 2B2 F R2 2D L2 3R 3U2 3F' 3U B' 2B 3F2 2F F 2D2 U' L 2L2 3F' F' D2 2U' B 2U 2L R' B D2 R' B2 U' F' 2D' 3F2 2L2 2R' 2D' 2U' U' B 3F 2D 3U' 3F 2F L2 2L 2R2 R' 3U' 2B 3R2 2F 3U2 L2 D' U' 2L2 2F' L2 3R' 2F2 R'
    2. 2B 2L R2 U' 3R' B2 F 3U 2U2 U2 L2 U' 3R2 2R2 D 2B2 F' 2L2 3R2 B' 3F2 2D' 2F2 3R F 2R2 R' 3U B2 2R' U' 2R R 2B2 2U U' R2 3U U R2 B 2L' 2U2 U 3R' U L R' 3U2 L' 2F2 F' 3R 2B' 3U' 2B 3R D 3U' 2R' B2 2B 2F 2D' 2B2 2R 2F 2R D2 2D2 U F' D 2D' 3U2 2U2 2L R' 3F R2
    3. 2L 3R2 R2 U' 2B' 2U2 U2 3R2 2D' 3F 3U L2 2L' 3R2 2R R 3F' F2 2U L2 2D 3F' 2D' 3R B D L2 D2 3U' 2U 2F2 D2 2U' 3F2 2U' 2F2 L' D2 3U B' 2B2 3F 2F F 2U2 3R2 2R D' 2F2 L U2 B' 2F' F L 3R2 2R2 R D' U L 2L' 3R2 R2 2F2 3U 2B2 3F' F' R 3U' F2 L2 3U' 3R2 2R 3U2 3F2 3U' 2R2
    4. 2R' D' 2D U' 2F' 2L' 3R 2R R D2 R2 D' 3R' R2 D 3U 2U2 U' L R' 2D' 3U 2U U B' R2 B 2L' 2F2 L' 3R 3F2 2U' B' D L2 3U2 2F 2U U R 3U' 3F' R2 3F2 2D B' 3R2 R F' 2L' R' D2 L D 2U2 U2 3R2 F U' 2L2 2R2 B2 2L 3R 2R 2U2 B2 3F' 2F' F U2 2B' 2D2 2B2 2R' R 3F 2L2 3R
    5. B' U2 2L2 2R' 2U 3R2 R' 3F' 3U 3R2 R' D 3U2 U 2B2 D' U2 2L2 2R' 2B' 2D' 2L R2 U2 2R2 D 2D' 3U2 U 3R B' 2B' 2L2 2U 2R' B2 2F2 3R 2D2 R' F L' D' B' 2U2 R 2F' F R 2B 2F 2R2 R B F' D' L 3F2 D 3F2 2F' 2U' B 2F 2U B D 2D 2U 2B2 F' R2 F' L' 2R R' D' 2B' R' 2U2

    1. D 2F 2D2 3B' R U' 2L 2R B2 2B F' L' 2L' 3L2 R' 2F' 3R 3D2 2U' 3B2 2D2 B2 F' 3L 3R' 2F F2 2D 2U2 2B2 2F' D' 3F 3U R 2D2 2U2 2B' L R' 2U' 3R2 2R' U2 3R 2D2 2B' 2U 3L' 2B 2D2 B 3B2 3D2 U' 3B2 2U2 F2 3R' B' L' 2R' D' 3U' 2R2 R' 3D' 3L' 2D R D' 3D U 2F2 3R' 2D 3D 2F2 L D' 2U2 U 3L2 U2 L2 2F 3U2 2U U2 2B2 D L 3B' L D' 2U2 B2 3F' L2 2F'
    2. L 3B' 2L 3L' B' 3B' F' 3U2 L2 F2 3U 3F 3L' 2R 3D' L' B' 3U U B2 F2 L 3D2 B2 2B 2F2 L' 2L2 U' 2L 2F' 3R' 2B' 3F2 2R2 R U R2 3B' 3R2 3U 2B 3B 3U 3R 3B2 2D2 B2 2F2 F' 3D' 3F 3D B2 F 3U2 2B' 2D' 3D2 U 2L' 3U U2 F L2 2D' 3R 3F 2F' F' 2U2 L' 2R2 3U' 3F 2L2 R2 3F' 2D' F 2U 2L' 3R 2B' 3F' 2L' 2B' U L 2L' 2R' R2 U' 3F L2 2D' 3D2 B 2B2 2U2
    3. L' 3D 3R2 2R 3B2 L D' 2D' 2U2 U2 B2 2D' 3L 2R2 F R2 D 3F' 3U' 2U2 3B' 2L2 D 2B2 2R 2D2 L' 3U' 3F2 D 2D2 3F' 3L 3R 2D2 2U' 3R' 2F' 2L2 2F2 2L' 3F 3R D' 2B 3F2 2L2 2R 2D' F2 U' 2F' L2 3D' 3U U L2 B' 3B2 3F 2F 3L2 2B 2L 3U' 2U2 U' 2L' 3L' 2R' 2F 2U2 2R2 3U' L2 R 3U2 3L2 2B2 3F2 3R 2F' 3D 2B2 2L 3R2 2F2 U R' B2 3F2 2R2 D L2 2B' 3R2 2R' R2 2D 2U
    4. 3F2 3L2 2R2 U2 2F2 3L' 3U R2 3B2 3L' 3R' U2 3L2 B2 2D 3U2 2U B2 3D' 2F2 2R2 3F2 3D' B R B' 3B' 3F 2F 3D2 2L B' 2B' 2D' 2U' 3L 2D2 3U 3B F2 2R 2F' 2R' R B' 2D' 2F2 R' U' B' L' D 2D2 3D 3B 2R2 D2 3B2 3F 3R' 2F L2 2L' 2R2 2F2 2D 3D2 3U' 2U' L F 3R2 D 2D' 3D' 2U' 2B 2D2 B 3B2 2F L R2 D2 2R' 3U2 2U' 3L 3F U2 3L 2R' U' 3F2 3R 3D2 2U' U2 3L2 U2
    5. 3D' 2U' 3F2 2D' 2U' L 2L' 3L 3R 2R R F' 3L2 3B2 D2 2D 3D 2U L' 3L 3D F' 2D2 3D2 2L B' U' 2F2 L' 3D F D2 3B' D 2B' F' 2R2 B' 2F D2 3D 3U' 2U2 U 3R' 2B' 2R 3D2 2U2 2L 2R2 R' 2F 3R' 3U' 2L R 2D' 3D2 3F' 2L' 3L2 R B2 2B 2R 2D' 2R 3B' 3L2 R' 2U' L 3R B' 3D2 3U' 3L2 R2 3B 2F' L2 3L2 3R 3U2 2L U B2 2B2 3D2 U' 3B' F2 3L2 D' L 2U' F D2 3R'

    2x2x2 Blindfolded
    1. F R' F R' U' F2 U R' U'
    2. F U R' U' R' U2 F U
    3. U2 R' U R F' U2 R2 F' U'

    3x3x3 Blindfolded
    1. B2 U' B2 U L2 D2 B2 L2 D' R2 U2 R' U B U2 F U' R F D R'
    2. D2 F2 D' B2 R2 D' B2 R2 U2 F2 R B2 L' F' D2 F2 R U2 R' U' F
    3. L2 R2 U R2 D' L2 U' F2 U L2 B' D' F2 L' B F L R D2 F2 L'

    4x4x4 Blindfolded
    1. F' L Rw R2 D Uw2 U' L2 Rw R' Uw R2 F2 Uw Rw R' D U' R' F' L' U2 L Rw R' D' Uw' L2 Rw' F' D2 Uw U' L2 D2 Uw B Rw' Fw' L2
    2. Rw' Uw U2 L2 Rw R B Fw2 F U' B2 Fw' Uw2 F' Uw' B F2 L D2 B2 Fw' Rw' Uw Rw F' R D2 B2 Fw' F' D2 L' B2 Uw L Rw2 R Uw2 B D2
    3. Fw2 F' D2 Uw' B Uw' Rw' R U2 F2 U2 Rw2 D2 B2 F2 Uw L B2 Fw' D Rw' Fw' D2 Uw U' L D2 Uw' F D Fw2 F Rw' F Uw' L' B2 F Rw' Uw2

    5x5x5 Blindfolded
    1. Lw' D2 L2 R' Uw2 L2 Dw' Fw F Lw' Dw Uw B' Bw L Bw Fw' Rw2 D Dw2 Uw U2 F' D2 Dw' Uw2 U2 Rw2 B2 Bw' Fw2 F' Rw' U' B2 Bw2 Rw Uw' L2 B2 Dw2 U2 L D' Lw' Fw' Rw R2 D Dw Uw U' R B' D R2 D Fw' F U2
    2. Bw' Dw2 R D B' Bw' Fw2 F U2 B Bw2 L2 Rw U2 B' L' Lw' Rw2 R2 D Fw Rw' D' B' Fw2 L2 D' B2 Bw2 D U' B' Bw' F2 R2 B2 Bw' F2 Rw' B' L Lw U2 B R2 Dw' Rw' Dw' F2 L2 Rw' Fw Uw2 L' B' R' Bw' Fw' Rw' Dw2
    3. D' L' Lw R D2 B Fw D2 Uw' Lw B Rw2 Bw2 D' U L Lw B' Bw Fw F R2 Uw' B' Fw Rw' Fw Rw' R2 U' Lw' Uw' U' F2 Lw Fw U Fw' L2 Rw2 R' Dw Uw' L' R B2 L' D L' R' U' L Fw Lw' Bw2 F Dw' B2 Bw2 Fw

    3x3x3 Multiple Blindfolded
    1. R2 D2 F2 U' R2 D F2 U' F2 L' F D2 B D' U2 B' F' D B L'
    2. R2 D B2 F2 L2 R2 U2 B2 D F2 L' B2 F' R' F2 L' B' D' R2 U' L
    3. D' L2 B2 U2 B2 D' R2 F2 D' R2 F2 R2 B' D2 U' F R B' U' L B'
    4. L2 B2 D F2 D U L2 D' R2 U R' U B' L F R2 D2 F2 U' F L
    5. R2 D L2 U R2 U L2 U' B2 F2 L' F2 D' U L' U L' U' R2 B U'
    6. F2 U' R2 F2 D R2 U2 L2 R D2 U' L' B' F2 D F2 D F' L R'
    7. R2 U R2 U2 L2 R2 F2 U' F2 U' L U B L B D' U L2 F' L' U2
    8. B2 U B2 D' R2 D2 U' B2 L2 B2 L' D B2 D2 L' B' F' R2 D' F L'
    9. U2 B2 D F2 D B2 L2 D L2 U2 F' U2 F' L' R2 B' F R B D
    10. D L2 D L2 F2 R2 F2 U' B2 U2 R B2 U' L D' R B2 U2 F' D2 R2
    11. D' F2 R2 B2 F2 D L2 D F2 R' U R' F R2 U2 L D' L' R2 U2
    12. D2 B2 D L2 F2 D L2 B2 D' U2 L2 F R D B' D2 F R' B F' L2
    13. U2 R2 U' F2 L2 U2 B2 L2 U' F' D' U' F2 L U R B' L2 F D2 U2
    14. B2 F2 R2 D U2 B2 R2 U L2 U' L F L R B F2 L B2 U R2 U'
    15. L2 U' R2 U2 L2 R2 U' L2 D R2 F' L F D F U2 L R2 D R' F'

    3x3x3 One Handed
    1. F2 D L2 U2 R2 B2 R2 D B2 D B' F L' F U2 R' D' B' F2 L R'
    2. U L2 F2 U B2 L2 B2 L2 U' B' L' D R' D' B' U2 R B R D'
    3. U R2 B2 D F2 D' B2 U' B2 D2 L F2 R' B' D' L D' U2 R B' F2
    4. L2 B2 D' L2 B2 U' L D2 B2 R F U' R' D' B' F' L' U2
    5. U L2 R2 U' F2 D' R2 D' L2 U L' B R' F' L B' U2 L F' R U

    3x3x3 With Feet
    1. B2 D' R2 D2 L2 R2 D R2 D' F2 L' U2 B R2 U2 B R2 B2 R' D F
    2. B2 L2 D2 F2 L2 U2 R2 F2 L2 D B2 L U2 B' U2 B' D B F L' B2
    3. U2 F2 R2 U2 F2 L2 U' B2 D F2 L2 D F' U' R2 B F2 R2 D2 L' U
    4. D2 U B2 F2 R2 B2 D F2 U' R2 U' L2 U' F' R F D' F R D2 R2
    5. L2 D' B2 L2 B2 U2 B2 D2 U R2 D L2 F' L' R2 D' U2 R B2 D2 L'

    3x3x3 Match the scramble
    1. U R2 U B2 D2 B2 L2 B2 L2 D' B2 D2 L' D L D' B' R' B' D' B'
    2. L2 F2 U2 F2 U2 R2 D L2 D' L2 F2 U2 B' R' B F R D B2 F' R2
    3. U2 L2 D2 R2 D' B2 D B2 U2 L2 U R' U' F' U' L' B' L D' L D
    4. D' R2 D B2 U2 B2 L2 D R2 B2 D' L B2 F D B2 L F D' R2 U'
    5. B2 L2 U R2 D2 U R2 U F2 U' R B L2 F D U' L D L2 B2 D2

    3x3x3 Fewest Moves
    1. L2 U' L2 D' R2 D' F2 D L2 D2 R' U B L' F L2 D2 L' D2 R2 D

    2x2x2 + 3x3x3 + 4x4x4 Relay
    2. R' F2 R' F R2 F' R F2 U'
    3. B2 R2 D' F2 D B2 L2 R2 D' F' D U2 L' R2 D' U2 F' D' L R2
    4. Fw2 F2 L Rw' R' Uw2 B Fw' R' B Fw F' Uw2 L2 B' Rw Fw2 F D2 U' Rw R B2 Fw2 F2 Rw2 D' Uw2 B Fw2 F' U2 F2 D B' F L' Fw' F2 D2

    2x2x2 + 3x3x3 + 4x4x4 + 5x5x5 Relay
    2. R' U' F' U F' U R U2 R2
    3. D L2 D' L2 D F2 D2 U F2 L' R2 B' D2 U R2 F' D2 L' R D2
    4. U' F' D' U' F U' Rw2 R2 Fw' F2 Rw B2 L Rw' R' B' Fw' F' Uw' R D L' D Rw Fw' D' L' Rw B' Fw2 F2 L' Rw Uw U' F' D2 F' U2 F2
    5. D Dw' Uw2 U2 Bw' Fw U' Fw Lw2 Bw' U2 F2 R' D2 F2 Rw R2 U L' Lw' Rw U B2 Bw L' Lw' Rw' R' Bw Dw2 Uw2 F2 Rw D2 L' R U Lw2 D2 Dw' B Rw2 R B' Bw2 F' U' B' Rw2 B2 Bw' F2 Uw U' Fw2 U F2 D2 R Uw2

    Magic (Just do 5 solves)

    Master Magic (Just do 5 solves)

    1. UUdd u=1,d=-1 / dUdU u=-2,d=6 / ddUU u=-2,d=-2 / UdUd u=-4,d=-1 / dUUU u=-4 / UdUU u=-2 / UUUd u=6 / UUdU u=-5 / UUUU u=-5 / dddd d=6 / UUUU
    2. UUdd u=-5,d=-2 / dUdU u=0,d=-5 / ddUU u=-3,d=-5 / UdUd u=1,d=3 / dUUU u=-2 / UdUU u=0 / UUUd u=1 / UUdU u=3 / UUUU u=0 / dddd d=6 / dUdU
    3. UUdd u=-3,d=3 / dUdU u=-5,d=2 / ddUU u=3,d=6 / UdUd u=-3,d=6 / dUUU u=-4 / UdUU u=-1 / UUUd u=-1 / UUdU u=-5 / UUUU u=5 / dddd d=6 / UUdU
    4. UUdd u=-4,d=-1 / dUdU u=0,d=5 / ddUU u=-3,d=2 / UdUd u=4,d=-5 / dUUU u=2 / UdUU u=3 / UUUd u=1 / UUdU u=4 / UUUU u=-3 / dddd d=4 / Uddd
    5. UUdd u=4,d=-4 / dUdU u=-4,d=-3 / ddUU u=3,d=2 / UdUd u=3,d=6 / dUUU u=-3 / UdUU u=6 / UUUd u=-3 / UUdU u=-3 / UUUU u=-5 / dddd d=-1 / UUdd

    1. R-- D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- R-- D-- R-- D-- U'
    R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D++ R-- D-- R++ D++ U
    R++ D-- R++ D-- R++ D-- R++ D-- R++ D-- U'
    R-- D-- R-- D++ R++ D-- R++ D-- R++ D-- U'
    R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- R-- D++ R-- D-- U'
    R-- D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- R++ D++ U
    R-- D-- R-- D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- R-- D++ U
    2. R++ D-- R-- D-- R-- D++ R-- D++ R++ D++ U
    R-- D-- R++ D-- R-- D++ R++ D++ R++ D-- U'
    R++ D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- R-- D-- R++ D++ U
    R++ D-- R-- D-- R++ D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- U'
    R++ D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- R-- D++ R-- D++ U
    R-- D++ R-- D-- R-- D++ R-- D-- R++ D++ U
    R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- U'
    3. R-- D++ R-- D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- R-- D++ U
    R++ D-- R++ D++ R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D++ U
    R++ D-- R-- D-- R-- D-- R++ D++ R-- D++ U
    R++ D-- R++ D-- R-- D-- R++ D-- R-- D-- U'
    R++ D-- R-- D-- R-- D++ R-- D-- R-- D++ U
    R++ D++ R++ D++ R-- D++ R++ D++ R-- D-- U'
    R++ D-- R++ D++ R++ D-- R++ D-- R++ D++ U
    4. R++ D-- R-- D++ R-- D++ R++ D-- R++ D++ U
    R++ D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- R-- D-- R++ D++ U
    R++ D++ R++ D-- R-- D++ R-- D++ R-- D++ U
    R-- D++ R++ D-- R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D-- U'
    R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- R++ D-- U'
    R-- D++ R++ D-- R-- D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- U'
    R-- D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- R-- D++ R-- D++ U
    5. R++ D-- R++ D-- R-- D-- R++ D++ R-- D++ U
    R++ D-- R-- D-- R++ D-- R++ D++ R++ D-- U'
    R-- D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- R++ D++ R-- D++ U
    R-- D++ R++ D++ R-- D-- R-- D-- R-- D-- U'
    R++ D++ R++ D++ R-- D++ R++ D-- R-- D-- U'
    R++ D++ R-- D++ R++ D++ R++ D++ R++ D-- U'
    R++ D++ R-- D-- R++ D-- R-- D++ R-- D++ U

    1. R' U' L' R U L U R U' R L R L' U' R L' l' b'
    2. L' R' L R' L R' L' B' R' U' R U B U' R u l' b
    3. U' L' R' U R' L R' U L' U' L U' L' U L U' R L B u r' l b
    4. L' R' U' L R L' U L U' R U R' L' u r l b
    5. L U R L U' L R' U L B L B U' B L U L' B r' b'

    1. (0,-1) (0,-2) (3,3) (-1,2) (-2,2) (2,4) (0,4) (-2,4) (4,4) (0,4) (2,2) (0,2) (0,2) (-2,2) (0,2) (-4,0) (0,0)
    2. (-5,2) (0,6) (6,3) (3,2) (3,4) (-3,4) (0,5) (6,2) (0,4) (-4,2) (0,1) (-1,3) (3,0) (-4,0) (6,0) (6,0) (0,0)
    3. (0,2) (-2,-3) (0,3) (3,0) (6,1) (6,2) (0,3) (-1,0) (1,0) (-4,3) (0,5) (2,4) (0,4) (0,2) (0,2) (0,4) (-4,0) (0,2)
    4. (0,6) (3,0) (1,3) (0,2) (0,1) (-4,3) (-3,4) (-1,0) (-3,5) (-3,0) (-3,0) (0,1) (-1,0) (6,1) (0,2) (0,2) (6,4) (0,0)
    5. (0,2) (0,3) (-2,4) (5,2) (-5,4) (6,2) (0,3) (2,1) (6,2) (0,3) (0,2) (5,1) (-1,3) (4,3) (3,4) (0,0)
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  2. alifiantoadinugroho

    alifiantoadinugroho Member

    Mar 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2009
  3. byu

    byu Member

    Dec 18, 2008
    (8.29), (5.26), 7.54, 6.23, 7.61 = 7.12
    COMMENT: Good.
    16.12, 16.34, (17.09), 16.26, (15.95) = 16.24
    COMMENT: Good.
    1:29.54, 1:30.65, (1:26.35), (1:32.19), 1:30.66 = 1:30.28
    COMMENT: OK, so close to sub-1:30 again
    2x2x2 BLD
    45.16, DNF (48.23), 46.11 = 45.16
    COMMENT: I'm not doing so good this week
    3x3x3 BLD
    1:19.96, DNF (1:29.66), 1:25.32 = 1:19.96
    COMMENT: Good.
    4x4x4 BLD
    DNF (14:49.12), DNF (15:51.23), 15:34.29 = 15:34.29
    COMMENT: I think that's my new PB, but nowhere near as good as all the other 4x4 Blind competitors
    3x3x3 MultiBLD
    2/2 in 4:12.39
    3x3x3 OH
    (40.39), 45.23, (49.16), 47.22, 48.56 = 47.00
    COMMENT: Good.
    3x3x3 MTS
    (2:15.23), 2:27.36, 2:29.45, (2:30.26), 2:25.31 = 27.37
    COMMENT: Good.
    58.42, 57.36, (59.23), (54.36), 58.23 = 58.00
    COMMENT: Finally sub-minute! This happened because of my new square-shape method.
    3x3x3 FMC
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2009
  4. Yes We Can!

    Yes We Can! Member

    Jan 27, 2009
    Berlin, Germany
    2x2:15.54, 13.14, (5.62), 17.30, (28.18)= 15.33
    Bad average. 2nd scramble is weird :D

    3x3: (22.90), (44.98), 36.50, 33.94, 34.42 = 34.95
    HORRIBLE! I usually average around 30 seconds -.-

    3x3 FMC:
    X-Cross: y2 D' L2 F R U R' f L' f' L U' L' D2 L (15)
    2nd F2L: D' M' F2 M D' R' D R (8)
    3rd F2L: B' D B D' B' D2 B D' B' D B (11)
    4th F2L: D' F' D F D' L D L' (8)
    Edge-Orient.: x2 f R U R' U' f' (7)
    Corner-Orient.: b U B' U' b' R B R' (8)
    Corner-Permut.: R' F R' B2 R F' R' B2 R2 (9)
    Edge-Permut.: skipped (0)
    Total = 68 moves
    My first attempt on FMC. Really bad, but nevertheless I am proud of my solution

    Megaminx: 4:55.82, (5:13.36), 4:06.98, (3:49.18), 4:15.64 = 4:26.15
    PB :)
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2009
  5. Edmund

    Edmund Member

    Feb 9, 2009
    Malibu, CA
    {2x2 Speed}
    Average: 5.27
    The solves: (4.04), 6.06, 4.95, (9.11), 4.79
    Cube White Eastsheen
    Comment: decent average. The forth solve was a massive fail. messed up oll and y-perm (which is my worst 2x2 alg

    {2-4 Relay}
    Time: 3:28.75
    Cubes: 2White Eastsheen, 3Diansheng,4Rubik's
    Comment: I have to get meffert's 4. These solves sucked every single one.

    {3x3 Speed}
    Average: 17.38
    The solves: (19.79), 17.53, 16.71, (15.76), 17.92
    Cube: Diansheng
    Comment: I feel alot better today than I did yesterday. In my last 4 days of spring break I have to practice.

    {3x3 One-Handed}
    Average: 34.90
    The solves: 37.46, 37.54, 29.68, (39.26), (23.77)
    Cube: White (a) ll
    Comment: Good average (but better last weekly comp I think). 23.77 was nice and nonlucky

    {3x3Fewest Moves}
    Number of moves: 50
    Scramble:1. L2 U' L2 D' R2 D' F2 D L2 D2 R' U B L' F L2 D2 L' D2 R2 D
    White (F) Blue (U)
    U’, S2, D’, F, L’ B, L, B, U, R’, U’,
    Reangle: Orange (F), Yellow (U)
    U2, R, U’, R2, U, R’, U2, R
    U, B’, R, B, U, R, U, R’
    f, R, U, R’, U’, R, U, R’, U’, f’
    Reangle: Red (F) Yellow (U)
    R' U' R y R2 u R' U R U' R u' R2
    Comment: First attempt so not good. I thought the beginning was good. But the end got bad.
    oh and scramble green (F) white (U)

    {2x2 blind}
    Best: 52.44
    The solves: DNF, 52.44, DNF
    Cube: Black Eastsheen
    Comment: i dont really care about this event at all. Memo is so inconsistent with 2x2 bld.

    Let's fix my magics now, so i can compete?
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2009
  6. Megaminx: (1:52.64) 1:47.18 1:42.28 (1:41.54) 1:47.72 = 1:45.73 Ok.
    2x2: 5.62 (3.84) 6.58 (6.58) 5.94 = 6.05 Good.
    3x3: (19.54) (15.22) 16.18 19.06 19.38 = 18.21 Ok.
    4x4: (1:17.18) 1:09.50 (1:06.62) 1:11.04 1:09.02 = 1:09.85 Good.
    2-3-4: 1:41.90 Ok.
    Square-1: 1:00.03 1:20.82 (1:00.03) 1:17.54 (1:41.90) = 1:12.80 Whatever.
    5x5: 2:14.90 2:02.98 (1:52.46) 1:57.52 (2:15.64) = 2:05.13 Fail.
    3x3OH: 31.30 (30.50) (43.62) 33.06 30.50 = 31.62 PB average. 43 failed.
    2-3-4-5: 3:34.46 Yay! PB!
    3x3FMC: 47 moves

    2x2x2: B2 U2 B' U L U' L' U
    2x2x3: R' U' L U' L' U2
    F2L: x2 F2 U L F' L' U2 L' U2 L U' L U L' F' U' (U' F' D' F U F' D F)F
    OLL: f R U R' U' R U R' U' f' U'

    U' U' becomes U2 before insertion, F F becomes F2 after insertion.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2009
  7. hippofluff

    hippofluff Member

    Oct 12, 2008
    at school in computer graphics, wow this class is such a joke
    megaminx: 3:58.78 3:44.01 4:12.73 3:52.62 3:23.62(PB) = 3:51.80(PB)
  8. Gparker

    Gparker Member

    Feb 11, 2009
    2x2:(9.69), (4.06), 6.58, 7.02, 7.38=6.99
    Comment: sub 7 :D the second one was easy, just 2 corners needed twisting
    3x3:18.75, (16.08), (24.20), 22.19, 23.64=21.53
    Comment:non rolling was 20.53. very good average for me :D
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2009
  9. Mike Hughey

    Mike Hughey Super Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 7, 2007
    Mike Hughey:

    3x3x3 Fewest Moves: 32 moves
    Scramble: L2 U' L2 D' R2 D' F2 D L2 D2 R' U B L' F L2 D2 L' D2 R2 D
    Solution: D B' D2 U R' U2 R2 B D R B' R D' L' D' R2 D L D' R D B2 L B2 L' D L B L' B' D' B2

    2x2x2: D B' D2 U R' U2
    2x2x3: R2 B D R
    3x cross: B' R D2 . R' D
    4th pair: B2 L B2 L'
    OLL: D L B L' B' D'
    AUF: B2
    insert at .: D L' D' R2 D L D' R2
    D2 D become D' before insertion; R2 R' become R after insertion.

    Comment: Found everything but the insertion in ten minutes; found the insertion a few minutes later. I know I shouldn't do this, but every time I find a solution that's better than 35 moves or so, my mind just shuts down and I can't bring myself to try to find something better. So I just quit after 20 minutes on this one.
  10. jsh33

    jsh33 Member

    Mar 4, 2009
    3x3x3: 30.12 , 23.57, 21.08, 26.87, 30.09 = (26.84)
    Gah!, I re-stickered my white DIY with a black side and my F2L recognition is practically gone :(

    I might re-re-sticker it ... :D
  11. mande

    mande Member

    Aug 28, 2008
    Mumbai, India
    3x3 FMC: 34 moves
    Solution: R' D' U' B' R2 L2 D' L2 B2 L' B L B' D L2 D2 L D L' D L F' R F' R' F2 L2 D L' D L D2 L' D

    2x2x2: R' D' U' B' R2
    3x cross: L2 D' L2 B2 L' B L B'
    F2L: D L2 D2 L D L' D (L2)
    LL: (L') F' R F' R' F2 L2 D L' D L D2 L' D

    Comment: Pretty happy with a 34 moves soln, it seems the last few weeks' FMC's have all been sub 35 for me!

    3x3: 20.80, (17.02), 21.93, 18.14, (25.06) = 20.29
    Comment: 2nd non lucky, 4th messed up F2L, PLL skip.
    That was crazy fast for me...amazing...
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2009
  12. marineasalia

    marineasalia Member

    Dec 24, 2008
    Mumbai, India
    3x3: 19.08, 23.64, 23.53, 22.08, 23.88 = 23.09
    Comment: good solve for me...
  13. MTGjumper

    MTGjumper Member

    Jun 21, 2008
    Simon Crawford

    3x3: (12.90), 13.12, 13.21, 13.66, (13.75) = 13.33
    In-ruddy-sane. No warm-up, bar 5 5x5 solves :p

    2x2: (5.52), (4.11), 5.01, 5.45, 4.45 = 4.97
    Meh, should've been better considering the scrambles...

    4x4: 1:16.83 P, (1:17.26 O), 1:10.21, 1:11.82, (1:08.29 O) = 1:12.95
    Meffert's still hasn't arrived :( No warm-up, so you can see the gradual improvement of my solves :p

    5x5: 2:37.19, (2:42.38), 2:33.23, (2:26.16), 2:28.73 = 2:33.54
    Yay, new V-cube! Wow, my arms hurt now...

    234: 1:35.34
    Splits were about 5-14-1:16. PLL parity on 4x4.


    Sq-1: (26.00), (38.26 P), 29.62 P, 30.81, 34.09 P = 31.51
    Average-ish. Three parities, so that slowed me down a bit.

    OH: (39.20), 45.36, 41.08, (50.07), 47.68 = 44.71
    Fairly average, but not that good still :p

    Last edited: Apr 19, 2009
  14. maxcube

    maxcube Member

    Dec 12, 2008
    10.45 , 10.76, (8.07), 10.00, (12.42+) = 10.40

    2x2 BLD:
    DNF, 46.92 , 1:18.69 = 46.92

    22.42 , (26.52), 21.29, 24.26+, (20.66) = 22.66
    Not good. Needed to warn up more.

    3x3 OH:
    55.08, 44.87, (1:07.68), 59.73, (44.81) = 53.23
    1 & 3 were Z-Perms. I am now "officially" sub1.:D

    3x3 BLD:
    4:23.06, 3:45.61+, DNF = 3:45.61
    Very good for me. The DNF was 4 edges flipped.

    3x3 Multi BLD:
    0/2.:( My brain cant fit 2 memos at once.

    3x3 FMC:
    Scramble: L2 U' L2 D' R2 D' F2 D L2 D2 R' U B L' F L2 D2 L' D2 R2 D
    Cross: x' U R2 D' F' L R' U R(8)
    F2L #1: x' U B U B U B' U B(8)
    F2L #2: U' B U B' U' R U R'(8)
    F2L #3: U L' U2 L U2 L' U' L(8)
    F2L #4: U B U2 B' U' B U B' U B U' B'(12)
    OLL: y2 F R U R' U' F(6)
    PLL: U2 y R' U2 R' d' R' F' R2 U' R' U R' F R U' F(18)
    Total: 56

    4x4 :
    (2:23.29), (1:49.19), 2:22.61, 2:15.88, 2:12.47 = 2:12.69
    I want my Meffert's!!:(:(

    2-3-4 Relay:
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2009
  15. MistArts

    MistArts Member

    Jan 5, 2008
    2x2x2: 5.90, (3.04), (8.63), 4.34, 3.60 = 4.61
    Ortega, CLL, LBL, SS, CLL... Easy SS case and some CLL's I remembered.
  16. Edmund

    Edmund Member

    Feb 9, 2009
    Malibu, CA
    i just did fewest moves and i think i did ok for my first real attempt. it took me 25 minutes to find my fastest one but i have a question(S)
    1) Does slice notation count as 2 moves or one? (M, S, E)
    2) Does 2 twists in the same layer count as one or 2 (like would r2 u' l be 3 moves or 4 moves?)
  17. byu

    byu Member

    Dec 18, 2008
    1. 2 Moves
    2. 3 Moves
  18. jcuber

    jcuber Member

    Aug 26, 2008
    Behind you.
    2x2: 10.34 10.08 (10.92) (5.47) 8.47=9.06
    meh. 5.47 was PLL skip.

    4x4: 1:18.16 (1:08.21) 1:23.38 (1:30.93) 1:17.01
    suckish, I was only half warm.

    5x5: (1:57.06) 2:18.88 2:22.56 2:09.94 (2:33.31)
    YES!! (AGAIN) SUB 2! I screwed up the last solve on centers, edges, and 3x3, though. Other than the first solve, it was a pretty medeocre average.

    7x7: (6:47.00) 6:44.09 (6:19.64) 6:39.78 6:35.89
    YES!!! I didn't know I was even sub-7, my PB previous to this session was 6:50! I guess the small amount of increased practice time has paid off! Nothing lucky, or even easy.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2009
  19. Faz

    Faz Former Clock NR Holder

    Apr 24, 2008
    Melbourne, Australia
    2x2: 3.41, (1.62), (4.05), 2.89, 1.98 = 2.76
    Erm, woot?
    3x3: (10.25), (15.55), 12.14, 11.26, 12.69 = 12.03
    Pretty nice
    OH: 24.12, (23.58), (26.14), 25.38, 25.33 = 24.94
    Sub 25!
    4x4: 54.27, (49.75), (1:10.80), 54.48, 56.55 = 55.10
    2x2BLD: 16.47, 11.00, 25.52 = 11.00
    234: 1:16.39
    2345: 3:05.98
    Sq-1: 32.92, (27.39), (49.91), 33.36, 42.92 = 36.40
    Megaminx: 1:43.95 average
    My computer crashed as I finished the average, so I couldn't get the single times. This average really sucked.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2009
  20. byu

    byu Member

    Dec 18, 2008
    What method?

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