Rubik's Cube World Championship 2017 - Paris, France (13-16 July 2017)

Discussion in 'Official WCA Competitions' started by BillyRain, Jul 27, 2016.

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  1. weatherman223

    weatherman223 Member

    Jul 7, 2016
    Colorado Springs, CO
    A question to ask:

    The government of the United States has just issued a travel alert for Europe countries, encouraging citizens to take precautions to the area and have a plan in an terrorist attack. This alert was issued especially in Paris. Will this affect Worlds in any way?
  2. Ronxu

    Ronxu Member

    Apr 19, 2013
    Kirkkonummi, Finland
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  3. Funny. The US had 114 mass shootings as of April 14th yet it's Europe that needs a travel warning.
    E: the EU has has 53 fatalities and 169 injuries, the US has had 392 and 1502 respectively.
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  4. PenguinsDontFly

    PenguinsDontFly Member

    Oct 19, 2014
    Ottawa, Canada
    I do not believe that your source is trustworthy.
  5. 5BLD

    5BLD Member

    Apr 14, 2011
    anyone still looking to room share? PM me I hope my inbox isnt full
  6. World Championship 2017

    World Championship 2017 Member

    Feb 19, 2017
    Hi all,

    Here are some news from the WC2017 organisation team :)

    We just sent this message to all the registered competitors. Please check it out and share the word to your respective communities!

    Finalize your registration

    As some of you have noticed, we didn't ask for guests when you registered for WC2017, yet we definitely need this information!
    Now is the time to register them!

    We have created a small website in order to manage your registration.
    This website is "linked" to the WCA website : you won't have to create an account there, you *must* login with your WCA account.

    Once you're logged in the website, you will have to do at least the two following actions:
    - Confirm or cancel your registration
    - If you will bring guest(s), give us all your guests' names (up to 5!)

    If you cannot come, please login to cancel your registration as it will allow us to accept someone on the waiting list instead.
    If you know you will come, you MUST confirm your registration or it will be deleted on June 19th.

    Guests entrance fees can be found here: (1.7).
    Please note that they will be paid at the venue!
    Remember that if one of your guests is not filled on the website, they will have to pay the visitor fee.

    The website is here:

    On the home page you can click on the big blue button "Sign in with WCA": you will be redirected to the WCA website to login.

    More to come

    The schedule of the competition has been imported on this website, and the organization team will put the information about groups there as well.
    It means that a few days after registrations close, you will be able to find your personal schedule there (both in a calendar version or printable version)!

    Staff members will also find their personal schedule on this website, as soon as it's available.
    If you would like to be part of the staff it's not too late, and we could use some more help: please contact a Delegate that could vouch for you and we'll find a spot for you!

    Information about the fun village

    Dock Eiffel will host the fun village: 1600 m2 dedicated to animations, with a wide variety of booths: fun, educational, commercial, more or less related to the cubing world.

    Here is a first list of the activities available:

    - The World Cube Association volunteers will be there to teach and inform visitors.

    - Olivér Nagy's stickers will have a booth in the fun village. Feel free to checkout his products online, and contact him if you need something specific for WC.

    - Hanneke Rijks will expose her wooden creations from her concept "Kunst met hout en humor", full of humour, geometry, mathematics, and cubes.

    - Rubik's Photo Cube, created by DESIGN YOUR CUBE will be on site to print personalized Rubik's Cubes. Official World Championship cubes will also be sold at their booth.

    - Northwest Designs Ink will print and sell personalized t-shirts of the World Championship.

    - Inter Rubik is a French school program involving tournaments between schools, their volunteers will be there to present their activities.

    - Greg's Puzzles, French creator of twisty puzzles with 3D printing, will be on site with his complex creations.

    - The MO5 association is specialized in retro gaming. They will be on site to make several game consoles from the 80, as well as a giant multiplayer Bomberman. There will also be a selection of cubic games.

    - Ian Scheffler will be on site to present his book "Cracking the cube".

    - UNITED SQUARE will present various versions of their game, including their new challenges.

    Food court

    Competition makes you hungry? The food court will make available to everyone (competitors, guests, and visitors) several food trucks. These food trucks will provide various types of food, taking into account the cultural diversity of people coming to World Championship!
  7. 1973486

    1973486 Member

    Jun 21, 2015
    Quite a lot
  8. Was just about to check if my girlfriend had confirmed and realised I didn't remember getting an email, turns out it went straight to my junk folder. Seems like somebody could easily miss this information if they had the same thing happen and don't check this forum (or wherever else it got posted).
  9. mark49152

    mark49152 Premium Member

    Oct 29, 2012
    Yeah my junk filter caught the first WC email and I only found out by chance when someone else mentioned they'd received it.

    I added the domain to my safe senders but it seems WC emails come from multiple addresses/domains.

    Perhaps the organisers could announce here which addresses they will use so that everyone can take care they don't get filtered?
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  10. World Championship 2017

    World Championship 2017 Member

    Feb 19, 2017
    Information for the competitors regarding the WCA competition are always sent with the address "[email protected]", we created a mailing list to contact all the competitors at once which is "[email protected]".
    If your mail provider gave you details about why it has been filtered as spam I'd be glad to take a look at them to avoid this in the future, if possible.

    The goal of the confirmation/cancellation is obviously not to delete people just because they missed the information: we wanted to encourage people not coming anymore to cancel, so that we can accept as many people as possible from the waiting list (we have accepted almost everyone actually).
    Quite a lot of people have already confirmed their registrations, we'll make sure to address the others personally a few times before just deleting them!

    By the way feel free to repost information I gave earlier in your respective local community! The more it spreads the better.
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  11. Gomorrite

    Gomorrite Member

    Jan 20, 2010
    Is this the first 4 day competition ever? Will this become standard for future WC? :eek:

    I see the competition starts on Thursday with less popular events, so I assume many people will arrive later.

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