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Quality when buying cubes from Amazon

Discussion in 'Cubing Help & Questions' started by dStevens, Jun 14, 2018 at 7:25 AM.

  1. dStevens

    dStevens Member

    New to the whole Cube thing! Wondering if anyone can tell me ... does it make a difference where you buy your cube.

    I just bought a "CuberSpeed MoYu WeiLong GTS2 M Black 3x3 Magic cube" on amazon ... apparently sold/made by cuberspeed.

    But I see a lot of people buying from "thecubicle". Will the same cube be the same from both places? I purchased from amazon because of fast free shipping.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated as again … I’m very new to this (coming from the magic world … I’m just getting into cube stuff and I find this speedcubing pretty fascinating to say the least).
  2. In general, never buy cubes from Amazon, some are fake, all are overpriced and the cube was made by MoYu and cuberspeed appear to be rebranding it. The cubicle and speedcubeshop are better if you live in the US, though stores such as cubezz, magiccubemall and zcube.hk in China are cheaper if you are willing to wait a few weeks for shipping
  3. dStevens

    dStevens Member

    Thanks so much for the info. That's kind of what I was thinking after I pushed the "purchase" button. lol

    I guess I'll just see how it is and from now on just buy from thecubicle.us.

    I assume for a beginner just learning basic moves and algorithms any cube will do. But after doing more research and seeing the hype about the GAN 356 Air SM and the GTS2M ... I thought I should grab something that will be better for when I improve. However ... I never thought to think they would be different based on where you purchased from.

    Oh well ... live and learn.

    Any suggestions on buying the mass produced vs the Cubicle Labs or Angstrom versions on thecubicle.us site. I'm assuming the Cubicle Labs or Angstrom are better ... but are they really "much" better?

    Thanks for the help ... really appreciate!!!
  4. Duncan Bannon

    Duncan Bannon Member

    Sep 9, 2017
    Mass produced puzzles by cubers home and even factory magnetized sometimes have problems. When they produce so many of these puzzles they lose the ability to make sure all the magnets match up perfectly, and that enough glue was used to hold the magnet in place, etc. However, they are generally great cubes. Thecubicle.us makes sure all that is perfect. Also thecubicle.us lubes all of there custom cubes really well. That way out of the box it is good to go, generally they require some breaking in, but you don't have to lube them yourself, (and they always do a great job).

    Angstrom is basically a cubicle labs cube lined with different lube. I would say most people really like Angstrom lubes and therefore the angstrom cubes. But some people don't like the feel. Angstrom cubes are also experimental.

    Or you could grab you some 30k and 50 magnets and make your own. Lots of options.

    But, if you want to get this cube, it me one of the best cubes on the market, and not have to worry at all, get a Cubicle Labs or Angstrom cube.

    Edit- Are they much better is a matter of opinion. Are they worth less hassle for you? Or do you like playing around to find what feel you like. :) Hopefully this made it easier...
  5. dStevens

    dStevens Member

    Thank you Duncan for the help! Very much appreciate it!

    I will definitely go with the more reliable option of using thecubicle.us or other "cube" dedicated sites when grabbing my next puzzles.

    And I will probably in the near future try both the options you suggest ... the Angstrom cube or the Cubicle labs as well as some different strength magnets.

    Fortunately ... I just received my Amazon order about 10 minutes ago. And both my cubes are really nice. The "CuberSpeed MoYu WeiLong GTS2 M" is really nice. Seems to be a little loose and a little too fast ... I'm easily overturning. I assume some adjustments will help. Also maybe stronger magnets will help (the current ones seem very subtle). Maybe I'll get used to them ... as I mentioned this is my first cube in a long long time.

    My only concern with this one now is ... i've heard some complain about the magnets becoming detached because the mass marketed ones tend not to be glued very well. So we'll see.

    But thank you again for the advice ... it really helps!
  6. Tabe

    Tabe Member

    Feb 6, 2017
    Spokane, WA (USA)
    The magnets getting dislodged on the GTS2M seems to have been an "early batch" problem. You likely will not have an issue.

    And, yes, the magnets on the GS2M are very subtle. The cube is very fast and ... flexible (unstable)... so maybe isn't a great option for someone's first real speed cube. Stronger magnets definitely help with that as does some lube to slow the puzzle down. You might consider adding magnets to the corners on top of the existing ones.

    You might also consider getting a stable cube like a Valk 3M or the MGC.
  7. dStevens

    dStevens Member

    Yup Tabe ... I did read that it seems the "early batch" problem has been adjusted/fixed. I've been playing with it all day and it feels really good. I may eventually put in stronger magnets ... or step up to a more stable one like you suggested. But for now I think I'll just go with this for a little while.

    I'm just learning how to solve ... and coming from a magic background ... I'm starting with "cube 3 by steven brundage". It's fun and it seems like a good place to start.

    Any suggestions on well organized learning is always welcome!

    Thanks again for the reply!

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