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Non-Cubers say the darndest things!


Dec 13, 2015
New York
I remember putting we 40 in a cube for a 10th grade experiment. High static friction coefficient. Even ignoring the deteriorating plastic aspect, it still doesn't work.

Oh yeah, as for a tale to stay on track,

I had someone beg for my cube to do the sexy move to try to impress me, only to fail, and then say my cube was rigged.


Apr 21, 2014
This happened to me a year ago. In my school, there are grades 3-12, so the youngest pupils are 9-year-olds. (I'm in high school so keep in mind that in their eyes I'm an adult.) I was casually solving my cube when a group of five or so little third grades come around me in a horseshoe shape and they all stare at me. One of them is brave enough to talk to me:

Little boy: Can you actually solve this?
Me: Yes.
Little boy: Can I see when you solve that?
Me: Yeah, take my cube and scramble it.

I give the boy my cube and he scrambles it pretty well. I then start to solve it and after I'm finished, they all start clapping to me and ask me how long does it usually take me to solve the cube. I answer "about 20 seconds" and when they're leaving, one of them shouts that his sister can solve it in under 10 seconds.

Another story starts in a similar way but instead of boys giving me an applause, after my solve a 9-year-old girl shouts to her friends "Oh my god, she can actually solve it, she can actually solve it".