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Non-Cubers say the darndest things!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Paul Wagner, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. The Four Cube is another name for the DaYan Dino Skewb. Although it is usually called the Dino Skewb, I have seen stores call it a Four Cube.
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  2. "I saw the 16x16 one once."
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  3. "You traded for that for anothere cube? That's dumb. It's used, so it's not as good as it was out of the box!"
    But they broke it in, so now it is actually better than it was out of the box.
    "But it's not as valuable as it was brand new! Did it come with those stickers? They look so DAMAGED!"
    So? I can resticker it if I want to! That's most likely what they did because this is a weird color scheme.
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  4. Its great that you want to answer peoples questons, but please note that that post was from 2009. Also that TemurAmir hasn't been on this forum since 2012.
    When replying to people, especially on a thread with hundreds of pages, it is always a good idea to check when the post was made.
    In general, don't reply to things made over two years ago. The person that you are replying to probably won't see your message, and it brings threads to the top of a forum even though the content is heavily outdated.
    In this case, this thread is active, so this isn't thread-necro, but if that had been your only response, it certainly would be.

    You are new, so it's perfectly fine if you didn't realize this. However, if you haven't already, read the forum rules, as you can get infraction points/ban time for breaking them.

    Keeping this on topic,
    After a play that my younger brother co-starred in, I was haging around and doing OH sexy mindlessly.
    An actor came over and asked how I did it. I scrambled and solved, the actor was amazed. He asked how I did it so well, and that he had tried really hard to solve it.
    I was in acquaintance with the actor and replied teasingly that he was a very good actor and that I didn't understand how he did it.
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  5. "Why do you have so many of them? How much money have you spent on them?"
    My collection consists of about 20 puzzles and I can't practice every WCA event. I don't own a clock, 7x7, or squan. (I used to have a squan but now I hate squan so I sold it to a guy at a competition.) Also, I have no idea how much money I spend on puzzles because I try to be conservative of money and I don't really keep track.

    (When my 6x6 is about to pop) Aaaaaargh... oh no... (frantically putting pieces back into the correct places)
    "Oh yay! I think I scrambled it up too well for you!"

    Walking in public with my ShengShou kilominx:
    "Is that, like, an Octo-Cube or something?"

    In school with my kilominx:
    (THIS GUY HAS SEEN A MEGAMINX BEFORE) "Whoa! That looks so complex! How do you do that?"
    It's a simpler version of a megaminx.

    "Why do you waste your time on that?"
    I don't reply because the guy walked by and said that on his way to get something, but I'm thinking along the lines of "says the extremely violent and inappropriate video game addict who has been suspended from school multiple times." Well, really not all of that came to mind, but I was thinking "says you," knowing the guy who said it.
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  6. Sonicastle

    Sonicastle Member

    Dec 9, 2016
    Last week I showed my Megaminx to some schoolmates.
    After I explained them how to turn it, they replied:
    "Does that mean the centers are fixes?"
    "Oh, then it's boring."
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  7. I was with a friend one day. He knows what I average (about 30), and he wanted to know what the world record was. I told him that it was 4.73 and held by Feliks Zemdegs.
    "No way."
    I show him the video.
    "Well, you know what? I think you're just as good; that was just a lucky solve."
  8. pipkiksass

    pipkiksass Member

    Jan 1, 2013
    I like your friend... now show him Faz's 6.88 Ao100!! [emoji6]

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  9. Vilknir

    Vilknir Member

    Jan 19, 2017
    The other day a non-cuber at my school asked me if he could record me solving my 3x3 for snapchat. I said I wasn't fast enough to fit in a snapchat video but sure. He said just do the cool thing. I asked what he meant by that and he said, " The thing where you make it all yellow and then move it around without looking most of the time." Apparently, OLL and PLL are called the cool thing.
  10. Dom

    Dom Member

    from now on "CFOP" will be called the "CFcoolthing method"
  11. Vilknir

    Vilknir Member

    Jan 19, 2017
    Wouldn't it be CFCT? Or maybe that's Chris Tran's variation of CFOP
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  12. Levurmion

    Levurmion Member

    Feb 8, 2017
    Whoa one minute! You're really fast!

    -,- thanks(?) :/
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  13. TheoLyh

    TheoLyh Member

    Jan 28, 2016
    "Solve it in 5 sec so I have time to film It for snapchat"...
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  14. Moises Martinez

    Moises Martinez Member

    Feb 3, 2017
    "I can only solve one side"
    "I can solve that in like 2 seconds"(does one move solve)
    "Can u solve it in four seconds?"
    "I can solve it faster than you."
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  15. ThatCuberKoko

    ThatCuberKoko Member

    Feb 22, 2017
    Whats the secret?
    Do you just randomly turn that and it's solved?
    I can do that in like, 2 seconds.
    "Pops my cube while imitating my turning speed" I'M SO SORRY ILL GET YOU A NEW ONE OH NO.
    I thought they were impossible!
    Is that a world record or something?
    "Solving pyra" Whoa is that a RUBIK'S TRIANGLE?
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  16. ThatCuberKoko

    ThatCuberKoko Member

    Feb 22, 2017
    lol most of these comply with a mirror cube :p
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  17. Rubiks Gaming

    Rubiks Gaming Member

    Feb 15, 2017
    How do you manage to get 5 sides but not get the last?
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  18. vm70

    vm70 Member

    Oct 29, 2016
    Either coast of the US
    I lectured people today about Rubik's cubes & the mathematics about them. Someone asked me how fast I did the "triangle one".
    Do people not realize that the Pyraminx is not a triangle, but four triangles? Last time I checked, it's the Rubik's Cube, not the Rubik's Square.
    You can't, unless you add stickers from another puzzle (which is a dumb thing to do anyway).
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  19. SolveThatCube

    SolveThatCube Member

    Jan 4, 2014
    That way.
    Makes 3 turns then undoes them - "I SOLVED IT!!!"
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  20. Someone comes up to me says "can I try" I scramble it and let him have a go, a few seconds later " I can't do it" it's not like you'll break the world records order first time.

    Oh but I do like commentating on my solves infront of non cubers and I do a simple F2L pair then an oll alg then I get an r perm ...?
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