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[Review] Mojue M3

Sep 8, 2016
Manchester, UK
Thread starter #1
Firstly, despite feeling smaller in the hands than most cubes that are of the same 56mm size, it is very comfortable to hold. The cube is reasonably fast, light and fairly flexible, reminding me somewhat of a Gans cube. The squared off corners prevent twists during solves, although can be forced to do so. The corner cutting is about average for what we are seeing today, with only a few places that the cube won't cut, but only once the cube is broken in. However, it will not lock up during solves, nor will it catch, leading to fluid solves. As my cube is stickerless, I cannot vouch for the sticker quality, although the plastic feels of high quality. The mechanism of the cube is very 'spiky' and simple, but is very effective. The cube also is yet to pop on me during a solve. Finally, I don't understand why this cube has been getting such varied reviews, so tell me if you think differently, as it may be a good batch, bad batch situation. But I don't know for sure. I hope that this review helps.