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How to learn CLL?

Sep 12, 2018
Thread starter #1
Ok so I gonna start to learn CLL. Is there any ways or tips to learn CLL? Because there are too many algs not like ortega.
Sep 26, 2017
You time every Ortega OLL and sort them. Start with the set you got your slowest time on. Look at every case from that set and realize what differences the cases have from each other. Start with one algorithm a day, once you get too comfortable do 2 and more. Train multiple times a day with breaks and/or other activities in between them. Use a trainer once you finished a set I personally use this one. Keep up with the x Cases a day rule. Once you think you learned enough cases do solves and look at which recognition and execution is lacking(trainer and real solves still feel different so it's important to do both).
Once you are comfortable enough go to your next Set(most probably EG for you) to not forget your ways in which you learn algorithms the fastest