Help me answer a girls invite to a dance.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by skwishy, Jan 24, 2009.

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  1. skwishy

    skwishy Member

    Jul 17, 2008
    My high school is having its yearly "sweethearts" dance soon and I just got asked. The only problem is that where I live, Utah, when a guy or girl asks someone to go to a dance they dont just ask them like a normal person would, they have to do something really big and cheesy such as saran wrap their car, mess up their bedroom or something nuts like that. Along with this they have some cheesy question that correlates with how they are asking them and asks them if they will go to the dance. Now I am supposed to answer back, but of course it has to be cheesy as well.

    This is how I was asked...

    I was sitting at home enjoying my evening when suddenly my doorbell rang. I got up to answer it, no one was there. On the ground there was some candy, a note, and a scrambled rubiks cube 3x3x3(now you see why i am asking for help here :p)
    The note said "Dear Josh(thats me)... I have a question for you... Do what you do best to find out what it is..." On the cube she had written "will you go to sweethearts with me?. Obviously I could have seen that without solving it but I solved it anyway just to humor her, and myself.

    First off, can anyone help think up a way that I could respond to her(saying yes) as I am absolutly no good at this cheesy stuff and am at a total loss for ideas. I would really like to hear from some women cubers because you are more likely to know what a girl would like, but I am open to any and all ideas you all have.

    Secondly, I really hate dances. The only reason I am willing to go is that I am really good friends with this girl and could not for the life of me tell her no. The moment i got the cube and read the word sweethearts on it, my stomach lurched and I have been feeling a little uneasy ever since. I just need some advice on perhaps some proper dance etiquette or anything like that so that I don't look like any more of a fool that I already will.

    The sooner anyone can give me advice the better because it just so happens that I was asked tonight and tomorrow night I am going over to this girls house to hang out. I had already planned to hang out with her before I was asked and now that she has asked me to the dance I have a feeling its going to be an elephant in the room. Should I even bring it up while i am there or should I just play it off like nothing ever happened until I can think of a way to respond?

    Again all advice is welcome. (man i just keep feeling more and more uneasy as I think about it.)

    EDIT: She is not into solving twisty puzzles so I dont really want to answer her with anything cube related. The cube ideas so far have been great but it just wouldn't be special to her.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
  2. Dene

    Dene Premium Member

    Dec 5, 2007
    Aww man this could be fun. Ok so I vote you take her to a mall stand up in like the middle of a crowd with a cube, and say "IF I SOLVE THIS CUBE IN XX AMOUNT OF TIME I WILL GO TO THE DANCE WITH HER" (XX is some number that is easy for you to achieve). This way, you look cool, and everyone knows you're going with her.
    As for dancing, I recommend not standing on her feet.
  3. skwishy

    skwishy Member

    Jul 17, 2008
    lol, you know that is brilliant. I am definitely going to mull that one over a bit. Thanks for the advice. If anymore come to mind please share.
  4. Unknown.soul

    Unknown.soul Member

    Jul 5, 2008
    Orangevale, CA
    If you're doing that, do a planned solve ;)
  5. Bryan

    Bryan Premium Member

    Oct 20, 2007
    Rochester, MN
    "Yes" on a Rubik's Magic?
  6. skwishy

    skwishy Member

    Jul 17, 2008
    Now that is a bit more my speed, I am not shy by any means, but I do prefer to keep to myself so this sounds more appealing than shouting in a mall lol (although I do like the idea and am very tempted)

    The only problem is I don't know if she even knows what a rubik's magic is so it may not make much sense to her.
  7. bamman1108

    bamman1108 Member

    Dec 12, 2008
    I could never shout that I can solve a rubik's cube quickly at a mall. Most people would think you're insane, and not in the good way.

    The magic is a good idea, or if she's into cubing, give her a disassembled cube with your reply on it (solved, of course) or do a not 3x3x3 cube, but come up with a cheesy reason why.
  8. Zarxrax

    Zarxrax Member

    Jan 7, 2009
    North Carolina
    How did she write on the cube? One letter per cubie? Maybe you could scramle it in a way to get the letters Y-E-S on one side, and return it to her.
  9. a small kitten

    a small kitten Member

    Jul 21, 2008
    Why would you go to a dance if you don't enjoy dances? Since she is your "good friend", maybe she will understand? Because it's just plain selfish to ask you to do something when she knows that you don't enjoy it.

    Don't take me seriously though.
  10. skwishy

    skwishy Member

    Jul 17, 2008
    It was one word per sticker, all on just one side. It was the 8 word question and then she filled in the 9th cube with her name. ( good thing too, because otherwise I wouldnt know who to respond too :eek:)

    That did cross my mind, but I just couldn't do that to this girl. She has got to be the nicest girl I have ever met, not to mention that she is by far one of the cutest and It would be stupid of me not to go.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
  11. Lucas Garron

    Lucas Garron Super-Duper Moderator Staff Member

    Then go! It's one evening of your life.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
  12. Sin-H

    Sin-H Member

    Jul 31, 2007
    Munich, Germany
    1. Of course, go! You may even start to like dances afterwards :D
    2. Does your answer have to have something to do with twisty puzzles? I mean, does SHE have some kind of hobby that's special for her? You could use that instead of another twisty puzzle show.
  13. jay123

    jay123 Member

    Aug 17, 2008
    sin - h has a really good idea..
    she used a rubiks cube to ask you, (possibly because she knows you like it) you use something she really like

    ps. just a quick note, i dont know how old you are exactly but dont get drunk otherwise she'll have to help you and thats no fun for anyone.
    feel free to have plenty of beer, but stay away from vodka, it will @&%? you up.
  14. Spyyder

    Spyyder Member

    Oct 28, 2008
    Arrive at her house with a plate and cubes of cheese spelling "YES".

    Cheesy, AND Tasty. :p
  15. enigmahack

    enigmahack Member

    Sep 18, 2008
    Halifax, Nova Scotia
    First off, don't reply with a cube-thing. Not unless she's into it too.

    The point that makes it so special is that she's asking you in a way that is obviously very important to you, and she put in the effort to make it special.

    I WISH someone asked me to a dance like that, even though I don't really dance either lol

    So you need to reply in kind - find out (think of) something that they like, and make an effort to make it special. Regardless if it's a little cheesy (not a lot cheesy, that's bad lol) she'll know that you appreciate what she did for you, and it's just nice overall.

    About the dance:
    She obviously wants you to go. THEN GO! It doesn't matter if you can't dance well if at all, the fact that you're there with her is the point.
    If she wants to get up and dance, as long as you're with her and being yourself, then I'm sure it'll be a blast :)

    Something that I've learned over the years is that, especially with women, is they aren't always impressed by what you can do but how you consider their feelings.

    Besides, if you like her, slow dances are easy ;-)

    Go get'er tiger!
  16. The sooner you give your answer, the better. Tonight isn't the first possibility, it is the last! You don't want to torture her do you?

    For once, I am not going to give advice on what to do. The whole idea is that you come up with something that says "I thought about this. Knowing you this how I want to ask you to come to the dance with me....."

    I might have done something like this when I was your age (not taking your friend into account because I know nothing about her)
    1) Take her out on a dancing lesson
    2) Play(back) "I want to dance with somebody" from Whitney Houston (hey, I am old and it was supposed to be cheesy)

    For some female advice, you could maybe ask your mother?

    Have fun
  17. mazei

    mazei Member

    Feb 11, 2008
    AvG, that song is great(the whitney houston song). I'm just 16 this year and I know it so you're not old.

    Also, I might not be qualified to give you advice but through my experiences with girls(not many but I think it's enough to come to this conclusion) is that they like it when you attend to their feelings. Plus, dancing when you don't like to dance is fun. I know this because I did that before.
  18. riffz

    riffz Member

    Oct 3, 2008
    Toronto (Canada)
    I don't think you should do a cube-related thing. Pick something that's important to HER, because she picked something that was important to YOU. I can't really give advice on this because I don't know what she likes, but maybe you could post some of her interests and we could try to help you out more.
  19. Lofty

    Lofty Member

    Jun 4, 2007
    Gainesville, Florida
    I'm not really going to answer the question because I think its been covered the people in here. Pick something she likes. Like I got a text the other day saying "you have a message waiting for you in book #XXXXX" and so I had to go to the library, find the book and get the note out of it.
    Even if you don't like dances I think you will still have fun if you are going with a girl that you are close friends with. Up until very recently I probably would have told you that I didn't like dancing either but it was really just because I had no experience dancing and skipped all my school dances in middle/high school, then one of my friends gave me a little salsa dance lesson and we also went to a concert together and even tho I don't know how to dance at all it was still just fun hangin out with my friend.
  20. skwishy

    skwishy Member

    Jul 17, 2008
    Thanks everyone for the great replies. I was racking my brain all last night and have been all morning since I woke up. I am trying to think of something that she really enjoys but the fact that I am "put on the spot" is causing me to draw a blank. From the time I am typing this I currently have about 9.5 hours before I go see her tonight. Hopefully by then I can think up something really good and maybe answer her tonight.

    EDIT: Btw, to answer a few questions. I am currently 17 years old so no drinking for me :p and also she does not solve twisty puzzles, it is just obvious to all my friends that I am a bit obsessed with them :)
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009

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