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[Member Intro] Hello everyone from an Indian Cuber!

Jan 12, 2019
Thread starter #1
Hey guys.
I'm an Indian, 16 yo cuber.
I started cubing in Mid-October 2018 and my current Avg5 in 45.02 s and PB is 33.04.
I know I'm really slow. But I've just started cubing. I aspire to be sub-20 by end of 2019.
I'm currently changing to F2L. After that I'll learn 4LLL.

P.S: You know there's a guy who went from sub-50 to sub-20 in just 25 days with less than 2 hours per day of practice. Here's his blog: https://medium.com/the-mission/my-m...-rubiks-cube-in-under-20-seconds-2b2204282575