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[Review] GAN 356 X

Jun 28, 2018
Thread starter #1
The Gan 356 X is GANCube's latest flagship 3x3. It contains new design features such as the numerical IPG GES nuts used to evenly tension the cube, and the magnetic capsules that can be inserted into the cube and used to remove other capsules. It features beautiful stickerless shades that make piece recognition extremely easy. I recently received the GAN 356 X as a birthday present. After hundreds of solves on the cube, (a lot not timed) I can definitely say that it is the best 3x3 cube on the market and will appeal to a large demographic of cubers. How do I know this? I've tried and purchased many other 3x3 flagships from brands such as MoYu, QiYi, GANCube, GuoGuan, Yuxin, Mofang Ge and Mofang JiaoShi. All of these cubes have features that will appeal to some cubers, but I believe the GAN trumps all of the exclusive features of these cubes. It has a buttery, smooth and airy feel, much like many of its predecessors. It is quiet, innovative and while it might be expensive, the cube definitely covers for the price. Also, it is only four more Australian dollars than the Angstrom GAN Air SM. And even though the Angstrom comes pre-lubed, tensioned and professionally set up, the X comes pre-lubed, with the most preferable GES nuts for most people, and the it is perfectly tensioned thanks to the numerical IPG GES nuts. Now, I will talk about the new GES nuts that come with the 356 X. They can be altered to three different settings; 0.6, 0.8 and 1.0, 0.6 being the loosest tension and 1.0 being the tightest. With the four different GES nuts and three settings on each nut, that results in 12 different handfeels, meaning even if you have to go through every tension, there will most likely be a feel suitable for you. Next I will briefly explain the new GMS (GAN Magnet System) capsules. These capsules can be inserted into the cube through the edge piece. There are four different magnet strengths, Strong, Medium, Light and Null (No Magnets). Overall, the GAN 356 X is definitely a great cube, but not for beginners simply because of the hefty price tag. If anybody read to the end of the review and has a GAN 356 X, please reply what setup for it you are currently using, make sure to include the GES nut, GMS magnet and the numerical IPG setting you have it on. Thank you!
Oct 19, 2018

Been using a valk 3, and have been playing with it getting it set up pretty nicely.

356 X showed up today.

I'm blown away at the difference.

Worth every penny
Sep 17, 2017
Deventer, Netherlands
Received my 356X today. Factory lubed, sadly, but that can be overcome. What really p*sses me off is that It lacks 2 yellow magnetic tubes while I have 2 greens too many. Anybody else with this issue? I can't really start setting it up like this. Will stick with my 354 M for now. Have asked GAN to ship 2 extra yellows, waiting for reply.

By the way all the optional magnets are weaker than the default ones which is a missed chance. I'd like to see at least one option with stronger magnets.


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