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Cosmic Gan 354M or non cosmic?

Nov 7, 2018
Thread starter #1

Im about to buy a new 3x3 speedcube and I'm not really planning on changing that in the near future and I've decided to take the GAN 354 and was going to buy it from SCS/the cubicle.

I have 2 options (also sidenote, money isnt a problem)

1: I buy a cosmic Gan 354 M so get their expert service but I've seen reviews of cosmic cubes and have mixed feelings about it if it's worth to buy it.
2: I buy a Gan 354 M from with the 'professional setup service' and that's something I'll probably like for its money

Also, option 1 is 10$ more than option 2.

So, what do you think? Getting that cosmic expert service or the professional setup set service?

Also not really planning to break open and lube the cube myself either.

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