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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Umm Roux?, Aug 2, 2016.

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  1. Competition Cuber

    Competition Cuber Member

    Jun 2, 2017
    Planet Earth

    We are now travelling to worlds after winning this EZ tournament. The plane food tastes horrible. Who cooked? This was bad rice! Feliks DNFed a feet solve, but the judge gave him free C4U gigaminxes, but ate eight toes. Unfortunately, everyone ate a banana that had an infection. Justin climbed a staircase mountain because his tentacles killed Rami. Matt burned a petaminx because he wasn't feeling like the yottaminx was a sufficient speed.

    Paula came with six boxes of GuoGuan YueXiaos and XiaWei Pineapples. He stole DG's pyra, which snored quietly like a teenager. Later, that old pyra was Kanye East brand. Another Wr was broken catiously by Matt. It wasn't in a legit competition.

    Squan is epic at worlds 2017 with goldcubes29 and he was really well-roundedly slow at at 22x17x1.Vlalyslav can't even. I, eastsheen, got iPhone seven. The institution of triangular Francisc really exists because it always reinvents piglets named it Mark. Consummation was not satisfactory for the estranged population of Yolyecity so I cried until all my doils laughed all their cubes that don't make snoring very comfortable. Speedcubeshop is secretly pirating their juice boxes that the Illuminati sponsors after the break-down of lubricant. The overpowered cube twist is suing Collin for copying their design. For their Valk3, Chris Tran invented magical lubricants that make cubes outstanding. And also rave GTS2 M's toenails fungus' link to Ganons' pizza is Cyotheking killed Olson. Why you little squirrel!

    Erno the Rubiker killed Seven cube towns. Qiyi MoFangGe eats Luke8. He, Erno the magnificent, enjoys 22x17x1. Floppy cubes attacked rufus after me (Luke8) until Gan made 356 Air USMs. Why did Rubik Santa give his Alpha sheep? Ordway's brain killed queen Fridich. After Patrick's WR, Feliks got a 4.68 average on 2x2. He changed the sponsership partners to Mf8 and it. WRs is not Max's specialty. His mother came running home when he broke my (maxcuber12)'s only rubiks cube. I forgot how to solve Life's meaning. Thats Why i Slowscramble a 22x17x1 thus forming the most cubes in. Feliks said "Why are lemons So spicy peanuts in gan. Don't purchase the plastic because it turns valk v3. Xiawi the different. Max fast now ate all the nerf guitars. Suddenly, feliks decided to quit using gan as valk, was the worst. GTS2, Gan SM, and, Weilong GTS are not good with
  2. TwistAL

    TwistAL Member

    Dec 31, 2015

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