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BLD Memo / Execution Splits?

Discussion in 'Blindsolving Discussion' started by Fábio De'Rose, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Fábio De'Rose

    Fábio De'Rose Member

    Mar 31, 2017
    São Paulo, Brazil
    I was wondering what are considered decent splits for Sub-X or Global Average in BLD events.

    Especially interested in BigBLD milestones such as sub 10 on 5BLD and sub 5 on 4BLD, for example, and the recommended methods to learn at specific Globals.
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  2. Mike Hughey

    Mike Hughey Super Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 7, 2007
    I have always considered 50/50 splits to be decent on big cubes, from 4x4x4 on up. But it does seem like the best solvers spend somewhat less time memorizing than solving. I guess a lot of the fastest cubers spend significantly more time memorizing than solving when at the 10 minute mark on 5x5x5 or 5 minute mark on 4x4x4, but I am definitely around a 50/50 split on those cubes at that time.

    Looking through the data on our weekly competition website here (for those who have comments that give splits - unfortunately I don't have an easy way to look at that yet - I may need to add one!), it looks like even the fastest solvers are only a little better than 50/50 - more like 40% memorizing, 60% solving.

    Even when I was doing 8x8x8 BLD I tended to do 50/50 splits. So it applies for me no matter how big the cube.

    Obviously for 3BLD it's different, with more like 33% memo / 66% execution.
  3. abunickabhi

    abunickabhi Member

    Jan 9, 2014
    For 3bld , the memo can consume 30-50% of the total time , since you can use audio to speed up.
    For bigBLD, it is good to have a consolidated memo , so I agree with Mike Hughey and try and maintain a 50/50 split.

    For MBLD, it depends on how much you are pushing, for a beginner in MBLD who is doing 6+ cubes in MBLD, having a memo of 30-38 minutes work the best, although there are exceptions.
    But 30-38 minutes is the sweet spot for memo in MBLD even if you know 3-style or you do not know 3-style.

    Once, you start becoming familiar with MBLD, having 40+ minutes of memo will be good, since we can maintain the pressure during execution , and have less pauses, and more 3-style turning.

    By the sub-X format , memo splits:
    for 3bld
    sub-60 seconds : 25-35 seconds (assuming M2/OP)
    sub-40 : 20 seconds (Assuming advanced M2 and some 3 cycles )
    sub - 30 : 10-12 seconds (Assuming 3-style)
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