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Anti-NS - Skewb

Apr 6, 2018
u Cube
Thread starter #1
So as a sarah's advanced user, there are some pretty bad cases for step 2, like Z perm with peanut. So naturally, I learned an NS alg for one of the two cases, then I tried learning an alg for the other one. For some reason, I couldn't learn the alg easily and I kept having to relearn it, but I found something quite interesting while trying to find my own alg for the case. I found that I could use the same alg as case one, but then cancel into pure pi and it flows really nicely. Recently I also learned about Anti-CLL on 2x2 which lets you solve a diag bottom layer and you then use the opposite CLL of that case to force diag on top and you then just have to cancel into R2 F2/B2 R2. Does anyone know if this is possible on skewb where you eliminate half of the NS algs to force pure pi? Do you think it would be worth it?