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shengshou 5x5

  1. scorpion24

    [Unofficial] 5x5 1:45.65 mo3 (with 1:41.80 single)!

    5x5 Rubik's cube 1:45.65 mean of 3 including a 1:41.80 single (last solve)! The solves were part of an avg12 (for the 5x5 race, round 35) of 1:49.33 I also got a 1:46.07 avg5 :)
  2. Tanzer

    5/6/7 Sale + Pyra and Random 3x3s

  3. Noahaha

    The Solve Critique Thread

    I made this thread for two reasons: 1. I don't want to make a whole new thread when all I want are a few tips. 2. It's annoying to see all the threads where people are just asking for critique. Recommendation: If you post solves, you should also critique someone else if you have something good...
  4. C

    [Review] ShengShou 5x5x5

    This thread is for reviews of the ShengShou 5x5x5. You can vote in the poll above, but please only vote if you own this particular puzzle. When posting your review, please follow a template similar to this: Where the puzzle was purchased: When the puzzle was purchased: Thoughts on the puzzle...
  5. convinsa

    Shengshou 5x5 Review!

    this is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Txh7Ino7uMA
  6. convinsa

    [Unofficial] Shengshou 5x5 Unboxing

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grjr8f0WZ8U I just got it, and i love it. i will do a review soon.
  7. *LukeMayn*

    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Read before posting. Search before posting a question. The "search thread" tool in this thread can be used to see if someone already asked a similar question here. Depending on the question, you may also find answers on the Speedsolving Wiki, or in other threads. If you have questions about WCA...