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  1. dominoboy

    GMS Magnets Strengthening?

    Before purchasing my Gan X, many reviewers stated that the strongest (clear) magnets weren't very strong. I prefer stronger magnets in my cubes (such as the GTS3 M magnets) but decided it would still be worth trying it out. After playing with the Gan X, I realized the magnets were quite weak...
  2. V

    Trying To Magnetize A Kilominx

    Hi, I am new to this website. I joined because I have an interest in trying to magnetize a Kilominx, but I am unsure if it is a viable idea. I decided that I would be able to reach a larger group of cubers via this website. I am planning on using a Shengshou Kilominx, and I think the best...
  3. CornerCutter

    Sets of Magnets needed to make a Magnetic Clock - Ring and Disc

    I'm selling all the magnets needed to make a DIY magnetic clock! I'm shipping from the USA so they will come quickly! Otherwise you need to buy from 2 different sellers and one is in the UK. I accept PayPal and will usually ship the magnets out the same day or following day. International...
  4. Ffrangconator

    Working Puzzle with Neocubes (Magnets)

    I have come up with a new use for Neoballs, (kind of like the neocube). It is a shifting puzzle with four colours I call the NeoShift: Scrambled: 12x2 Monster Neoshift: Video: 1gm5-W8w1RA
  5. cannon4747

    best rubiks cube stand ever

    this video came up in my subscriptions on youtube today and i thought it would be the coolest stand ever!