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  1. Aerma

    The Favorites Game!

    The game works like this: You start a post by answering the last person's question, and you end the post by putting a new question. The question must always be "What is your favorite __", and you replace the blank spot with a topic. Animal, color, Harry Potter book, whatever. If you like, you...
  2. BritishKitties

    3x3 Shapemods Competition

    3x3 Shapemods competition! -------------------------- General Info This is a unofficial competition for the various popular 3x3 shape mods that our out there. This competition will consist of the following events (All names are from the cubicle.us): Mirror Blocks Windmill Cube Barrel...
  3. S

    England cube club?

    would anyone be interested in a cube club in england if enough people answer i could start one (unless there already is one with regular meet ups
  4. ScottTheCuber

    Forum Competition!

    EVENTS! 2x2 3x3 3x3 OH 3x3 Blind 4x4 4x4 Blind 5x5 5x5 Blind 6x6 7x7 Pyraminx Clock SCRAMBLES 2x2 All events U' F2 R2 U R' U2 R U F2 R U R2 U R2 U2 R F' U U2 R F2 R F' U2 F R2 U2 U R' F2 U2 F' U2 F' U' R U F R' F U' F' R2 U2 F' R 3x3 All events 1. R F' D' U' R D' L...
  5. IamWEB

    Random footage from US Nationals 2012

    While 600 or so cubers are living it up at Worlds in Las Vegas, I'm at home, reflecting on the time I spent there nearly a year ago. I recorded some of it, want to see? The first half shows some racing (which PestVic later joined in on, and camcuber has some of that footage on his channel)...
  6. Forca137

    [Unofficial] Me solving 3 cubes while riding a bike

    a video that i have done for a little contest for my local rubiks group :p
  7. iCube4fun

    Favorite Big Cube to solve?

    Do you like to solve the 4x4,5x5,6x6, or 7x7 List in order from favorite to worst...
  8. M

    Monthly averages of 100 competition

    This thread is to see how much you improve from month to month. I'll post your results + how many seconds you have improved from last month. The scrambles will be provided by me every first Friday of the month. But only 3x3. I think an average of 100 is the best way to see how much you improve...
  9. CubingSeb

    Speedcubing @ google+

    Hi everyone, So today i saw that google+ had a new communities tab, I directly searched for "Speedcubing" and saw that there already was one. here it is, for now there are 5 members. So I hope everyone who has Google+ joins that community. Greetings, Seb
  10. uvafan

    How to Get Faster using the ZZ Method

    **I don't take full credit for this content. These are my edits to a draft that CubeRoots sent me.** This tutorial is meant to provide a guide for those who have never learned how to solve a cube to get to sub12 using the ZZ method. However, if you have already learned another method, you may...
  11. cubecraze1

    You know you're a cuber when. . . (video)

    Enjoy :D please give me your honest opinion. First entertainment video so it might not be the best but enjoy.
  12. cubedude7

    [Unofficial] Cube Tower :D

  13. H

    You know you cube too much....

    Example: ...when everyone around you hates the sound of the cube clicking! How do you know you cube too much?
  14. M

    Good Memories from Cube Tournaments

    The best, worst, and most memorable experiences from cube tournaments, or just cubing in general.:cool:
  15. AndreasFrom

    Blockbuilding encouragement needed.

    I'll start with some background knowledge: My main method is white cross on bottom, intuitive F2L, 2-look OLL and full PLL. With these, my personal best (no skips) is 30.56 and I average mid 30-ish. Here comes the problem: I've always been attracted to the Petrus method and blockbuilding...
  16. PuduMaster

    Does cubing get more fun?

    I was just wondering if cubing gets more fun after you've learnt all the OLLs and PLLs and you can easily get an average of about 15
  17. D


    My names dylan and i like to solve the 3x3x3 alll the time even in lessons my best is a pathetic 49 seconds but after hard practice on my 2x2x2 i can now do the 2x2x2 in 12 seconds - i bet really good cubers will read and be like "what a noob" but i have not been cubing long and i am not as old...
  18. A

    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    The intention of this thread is for people to post interesting competition statistics like the one below. Esteban Marin has only done one official solve, and the event was 7x7x7!
  19. DavidWoner

    Never say no to Panda

    Too good not to share.
  20. A

    Texas Speedcubing

    Any Houston cubers? I feel like there is, but there isnt =P Well yea i looked through the WCA comps and dont see any in houston o.O So yea i want go to competition one day.