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color neutral

  1. S

    Top speedcubers?

    Does anyone know what method Feliks Zemdegs uses? Is he color neutral? HOw do you possibly progress your average from 10 seconds to 8? Thanks
  2. jskyler91

    Cross Choice: How I Choose (For Current or Aspiring Color Neutral Solvers)

    The title says it all. Many people have asked me this question and so I figured I would make my answer into a video:
  3. jskyler91

    Looking for Some Hard Color Neutral Crosses

    Hey guys and gals, So I have comp coming up on the 28th and I am looking to practice crosses hardcore until then. I saw the hard, funny and weird crosses thread, but most of those crosses are only really hard for white which doesn't really help me practice finding my cross quickly. So what I am...
  4. jskyler91

    [Help Thread] Color Neutral Transition Thread

    In search of a thread where you can get some tips on how to become color neutral or simply discuss your triumphs and failures at making the transition? Well you have come to the right place!!! To keep this thread productive and useful, here are a few guidelines as to how this thread should...
  5. jskyler91

    My Tips for Becoming Color Neutral

    This video is meant to be nothing more than a guide for those who wish to become color neutral. In short, my "method" for doing this, which is more just a scheduled way to change, calls for a 30 day period in which you do not ever use your original color. During this 30 days you will spend...