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  1. Ross The Boss

    CMLLEO... We Want YOUR Help!

    CMLLEO. Some of you have heard it discussed under the name of KCMLL. It is an approach to Roux in which the corners and EO is solved simultaneously in one alg. Most good Rouxers use some form of EO manipulation during CMLL, such as move canceling at some point to missorient the centers or...
  2. kelseymckenna

    Roux Solvers Are Here!

    I checked around and couldn't find a recent collection of Roux solvers so that's why I am posting this! If you use Roux as your main method, please post, "Main: x seconds". x = your global average. If you are seriously planning on switching to Roux, please post, "Switch from y: x...
  3. Pixel 6

    Donovan's Roux Tutorial

    DONOVAN'S ROUX TUTORIAL Hiya guys and gals. I've been working on a Roux tutorial, and have uploaded it to my website. I decided to go about recognition a few different ways compared to conventional tutorials. So far I have a Video page, and a CMLL page with algorithms for each of the...
  4. cubingpwnage

    Cubing Terminology Help (CMLL, CFOP, ect.)

    Hey could you guys help me with these acronyms. What does CFOP, CMLL, and CLL stand for? Fro example PLL is "permutation of the last layer.. Thanks :)
  5. L

    [Help Thread] Roux Discussion and Help

    I can't tell from the images on: http://grrroux.free.fr/method/Step_4.html if the edge you can't see matters for step 4a. I also find this step to be tedious and frustrating most of the time, does anyone have any tips? Thanks :D