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  1. rk960925

    X Cube Question

    Hi I have a completely broken in(solved more than 1000times) x cube 4x4. I got the cube to turn like dayan 3x3s, but the reverse cornercutting still sucks. Does anybody know any mod for x cube 4? Also, can i do consta & florian on x cube? Will it make it better? Plz help!!
  2. yoshinator

    [Canadian NR] 4x4 single: 32.09 by Jacob Hutnyk

    http://youtu.be/ENnqJ2BG8Qg Yeah! Woo!
  3. yoshinator

    [Unofficial] 4x4- 37.81 avg5

    Tips? I'm really looking to get as fast as I possibly can before worlds, so help me out!
  4. yoshinator

    How to Improve at 4x4 - A Step by Step Analysis

    I video I made for cubing world. I hope this helps some people out. Thanks for watching!
  5. yoshinator

    3x3 Walkthrough solves [Video]

    Thanks for watching! Any questions or tips, leave them in the thread or in the Youtube comments!
  6. Ross The Boss

    [Unofficial] 2:19 5x5 single + reaction

    5x5x5 (DAT REACTION!)
  7. yoshinator

    4x4 Walkthrough solves

    http://youtu.be/mmqwYnYX_Pk Please leave any comments or questions here or in the comments. Thanks!
  8. yoshinator

    [Unofficial] 4x4- 39.80 Average of 5

    http://youtu.be/zhzyZYPIImg Tips or any other sort of comment would be appreciated. Thanks guys!
  9. yoshinator

    [Unofficial] 34.07 4x4 single and reconstruction video

    http://youtu.be/Am9VfETDJRA Video reconstruction Written reconstruction
  10. RubiksJake

    LanLan "Sepak Takraw"? 4x4 mod. No solutions exist.

    This is the puzzle I have. (mine's black but exactly the same as this) Things I know: It is created by LanLan. It (i think) is called the "Sepak Takraw". It can be solved similarly to a 4x4. (which I do know how to solve) Lastly, I have searched the internet for hours upon hours hoping to find...
  11. antoineccantin

    [Unofficial] Antoine Cantin - 1:19.58 4x4 OH (OLL parity)

    Disclaimer: Might be a +2
  12. antoineccantin

    [Official] Sebastian Weyer - 26.81 4x4x4 single

    I think this insanity deserves its own thread. Enjoy. eJ-KjIQgA-k
  13. Ninja Storm

    One-Answer Big Cubes Question Thread

    How efficient is ZZ for big cubes?
  14. DarioRubik

    [Unofficial] 4x4 single: 38.72

    Here is a 4x4 single solve that I just uploaded.
  15. S

    [WR] 4x4 Average 30.81 Sebastian Weyer

    Done at Aachen Summer 2012. 1. 28.02 2. 27.43 3. 32.91 4. 34.53 5. 31.50
  16. M

    [Unofficial] 4x4 Solve: 55.10 - How can I improve?

    Any tips on how I can improve?
  17. C

    Time proportions when solving 4x4

    I saw there was a 3x3 version of this thread but I didn't thing asking there was appropriate. Also I was gonna ask in the one answer thread but wanted more answers from people. So I just began using Yau to solve the 4x4 and am significantly worse at it as suppose to straight redux...
  18. leonparfitt

    [Unofficial] Rubiks cube 2x2-4x4 1.23.40

    any tips would be great ;)
  19. J

    Willing to Trade for Dayan+Mf8 4x4

    I'm looking for anyone in the US to trade my fully modded white Shengshou 4x4 to for a normal sized Dayan+Mf8 4x4. It's fully modded with the Konsta and Florian mods. It has Izo's favorite stickers on it. White or black doesn't matter to me, just looking for the normal sized Dayan+Mf8 4x4...