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  1. O

    [Help Thread] 2x2, Guimond method predicting separation

    Hello, I use the Guimond method and I like it very much :):). Most of my 2x2 solves are between 6s and 8s but I would like to be sub-6 without learning another method. I think that the key point is predicting separation to avoid a look at the down face during the solve. How can I do that...
  2. iLarryTheOneLung

    Mini Personal Competition!

    The competition will be closed in a week and I'll post the results! This is a competition kind of like the forum ones, but it only has certain events, listed below: 2x2 3x3 Pyraminx Skewb Redi Cube (Moyu/csTimer scrambles) Kilominx Post your times with a reply and please use the scrambles...
  3. u Cube

    5 Tips To Get SUB-5 on 2x2!!!!

  4. PerfectSledge

    [Help Thread] Mgc 2x2M vs Little Magic 2x2M

    Which one should be better to start off with? Mgc 2x2 M or the Yuxin Little Magic 2x2 M This would be my first 2x2 and my first magnetic puzzle. Put down your thoughts they will really help me choosing a better one. I already average SUB 25 on 3x3.
  5. WoowyBaby

    2x2 L5C Method

    This is the thread for the 2x2 method called L5C, or Last Five Corners. This is also called 1LLS, for One Look Last Slot. The beginning of this discussion may have started here. There's probably somewhere else this was first thought of, and if so, tell me. L5C is a method where you solve a...
  6. Space

    [Help Thread] Should I learn CLL.

    I am now using LBL and Ortega both to solve 2x2 and my average is 7~9 now. I know its not the maximum but CLL can make me faster. Should I learn CLL or still using both until sub 5?
  7. O

    [Help Thread] 2x2, pi(g) CLL method

    Hello, I am looking for detailed informations about th pi(g) CLL method for 2x2. How does it work, algs, ... I have only found this: o_O pi(g) CLL (part of the EG method) Takes two steps, requires 42 algorithms Step 1: intuitive solution of ½ of a layer. Step 2: solution of the second layer +...
  8. Space

    [Help Thread] How to solve faster 2x2 if I learned Ortega method?

    I have a problem in that. I have learned how to solve 2x2 with Ortega method so but I still only get average 12~14 seconds but I see many players can get sub 4~5. I need experienced peoples to give me some advice. Thanks:) (Sorry for my bad grammar)
  9. tigermaxi

    Solve of the Day! 3x3, 2x2, Skewb, and Pyraminx

    In this thread, I will be posting a daily scramble and we will see who is the winner of the day! Feel free to add reconstructions or notes. scrambles will be posted at about 12 PM EDT every day. all you have to post is your time and the date. also if you can also post your Cube and Method that...
  10. M

    [Help Thread] MoYU LingPo HELP!

    I need help with my moyu lingpo ive broke it in and lubed it and after i lubed it i noticed some catching/ bumping inside the internal pieces! Please help and give me your opinion on how to fix it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LT_MZqFbFUM
  11. G2013

    2x2 2.22 average by Josué Esteban Bacilio Chicoma

    http://cubecomps.com/live.php?cid=1276&compid=21 Well done Josué! This ties the previous one, 2.22 as well, by Gabriel Dechichi Barbar. Too many 2s, isn't it? xD I didn't find a video.
  12. M

    Learning EG-1 before CLL on 2x2

    I was wondering if it would be more beneficial to learn EG-1 before I learn CLL. EG-1 is for the cases with an adjacent corner swap, and there is a 2/3 chance that the easiest face to make will have two corners swapped adjacently and only a 1/6 chance that it will be fastest to build a layer...
  13. CuberRiley


    $12 lost haha but this video was fun and worth it Still couldn't find all the pieces
  14. B

    How to make a 2x2 first layer in as few moves as possible?

    Hi, This is my first post here. It took me quite a bit of time to figure out how to post a thread,:p but I finally figured it out. So getting right to the point. I recently started to learn CLL on the 2x2 and so far it takes me at least 7-9, maybe more moves just to build the first layer...
  15. Coolster01

    [NAR] Brian Johnson - 0.95 2x2 Single

    lolnice Congratulations!
  16. CuberRiley

    [Unofficial] 2x2 Ao5 9.55 (with a 4.73 single) all using beginners method!

    Hi guys! Check out my new video, I got a 9.65 Ao5 on 2x2, but there's a twist; I only used beginners method I hope you like it! http://youtu.be/Jr_vnaKlF9Q
  17. RCTACameron

    [Official] 1.99 2x2 average - Lifestyle Seasons Summer 2015

    (2.83), 2.05, 1.97, (1.56), 1.96 = 1.99 Cube: FangShi ShiShuang Method: Almost full EG I haven't posted in ages but I got another 1.99 official average and felt like sharing. :D Equal PB and fastest in this round.
  18. PixelWizard

    CLL Trainer

    CLL Trainer - BIG UPDATE (EG-1 + EG-2 + MORE ALGS) Hey everyone, I'm just learning CLL and to train the algs as well as the recognition, I made a little CLL-Trainer. You can find it here: http://tobip.ch/clltrainer constructive criticism and any suggestions are very welcome. I'm still...
  19. CuberRiley

    Potentially hosting an official competition in Oregon

    Hey guys. I want to be able to host my own competition in oregon, but I don't know how to make it official by the wca where records can be set. Any suggestions on how I can do that? I already have started a Cubing club at my school, but I don't know where to go from there. Thanks!!! -Riley