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    Quote Originally Posted by cowabunga View Post
    I'm too much of a newbie to tell if he had practiced the scrambles beforehand...
    After reading all of this I think Skyler is way too defensive and Kir make sense in his arguments.
    I'm kind of a noob at cubing, and cannot tell whether the solves are real, but after reading through the thread, I feel the same way as this.

    Quote Originally Posted by JonnyWhoopes View Post
    jskyler, when attempting to defend yourself in the future, try doing what Kir has been doing. Identify the points made against you, and respond to them in short brief sections. If you strive to do this, you'll ramble less, insult people less, and keep track of what has ACTUALLY been said. Responding in the manners that you have only makes you look guilty.
    +1 again. In my eyes (noob), your reactions and responses make you look more guilty than your actual solves.

    Quote Originally Posted by teller View Post
    If I were in jskyler's shoes, I'd be really flattered by all this. If your solve is so nuts that people call shenanigans, you've got something really special.
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    Brilliant solves man! Those fingers tricks look really nice.(plus nice look ahead)

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