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Thread: [video] Micro's 2x2 Average of 12 - 12.55

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    Default [video] Micro's 2x2 Average of 12 - 12.55

    I used scrambles from one of the competition threads, pretty good scrambles with a fair bit of luck

    Thought it would just give a general idea of my sort of cubing. I can do OLL and PLL in one step each on 2x2, but almost anyone can. I'm color-neutral but prefer white.

    So how can I improve?
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    First of all, a cube is typically scrambled white on top, green in front.

    Your first layer looked fairly inefficient, you should work towards finding faster ways to do things and be able to do it without looking, so that as you perform the first layer in your solve, you can immediately look for your OLL.

    Also, try to minimize cube rotations. So like, on OLL, always do U turns instead of rotating the whole cube.

    Finger tricks. Having to readjust your grip to do a full hand turn takes a fair amount of time. Learn to use all of your fingers in turning to make algorithms move faster and more smoothly.

    Lastly, just PRACTICE.


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