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Thread: Suggestion: avatar file size limit

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    Quote Originally Posted by aronpm View Post
    I assumed it would be obvious that by GIF I meant animated.
    Nobody uses GIF for anything else.
    I count ten non-animated GIFs on this page.

    And in any case I'd prefer saying what you actually mean rather than something that only vaguely suggests it (and the people who don't know GIF's animation capability won't even know what you're talking about (and what they're voting on (sneaky))).
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    My avatar is a GIF... (I can't remember its size)

    I got it from Dayan uses the same gif but it has a smiley that smokes a cigarette.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aronpm View Post
    I propose that the file size limit for avatars be raised from 20.0KB to something larger like 100KB or 200KB. The 80x80 limit is fine, even though it could potentially be a bit larger without taking up any more space on the screen.

    Arguments for:
    Allows a more expressive range of avatars to be uploaded. Other websites allow avatars to be up to several hundred kilobytes, with no problems.

    Arguments against:
    People might slow internet or low download quotas. However this is 2012, not 1992, people should be able to handle a few pictures. And if they can't, they should have avatars disabled in the control panel already. Also, there's this thing called a cache. It means you don't have to download the avatars every single time you open a thread.

    tl;dr: i want animated gif avatars
    As Stefan mentioned, 20KB is more than enough. Keep in mind on each page, an avatar is loaded 10-30 times, so we want to keep it reduced, even if it is being cached a lot of the time.

    In regards to animations: they are distracting and unnecessary. Also, you'd be shocked how many people still browse on slow connections.

    After talking with other mods about this, we all agree that avatars are fine as they are and don't need to be larger (dimension or file size wise).

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