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Recent content by ZZQueen

  1. Z

    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    Hello :) I never started a Threat here and have about zero experience with forums in general. I don't know if this Post is at the right place here, but I have an idea for ZZ on 5x5 which I want to be discussed, so I think it is. I am a ZZ solver and really bad with CFOP, so I do ZZ on big...
  2. Z

    In Depth ZZ Walkthrough Solves

    are you really sub15 with ZZ? :o because i could do these scrambles more efficient and less complicated and i am about 17 seconds. i think it's good when people do walkthrough solves to get tips, but you shouldn't claim in your description that you show people "how ZZ actually works" because...
  3. Z

    csTimer released

    I have the same problem :(